Morrisons to boost customer loyalty with new partnership

Morrisons loyalty
// Morrisons announces partnership with analytics firm IRI to improve loyalty scheme
// Morrisons’ More card has already helped it offer personalised rewards for members

Morrisons has teamed up with market research company IRI to help improve customer loyalty.

The analytics firm will help the Big 4 grocer to better understand customers, predict analytics and personalise marketing towards its More loyalty cardholders.

The More card has already helped Morrisons offer personalised rewards for its members.

Customers receive a £5 voucher for every 5000 points they collect on the card.

“Listening hard to our customers and responding quickly wherever possible continues to help us improve customers’ shopping trip,” Morrisons customer and marketing director Andy Atkinson said.

Morrisons is continually searching for ways to attract customers.

As the war on plastic grows, Morrisons is scrapping plastic bags from loose fruit & veg sections, and one of the UK’s most environmentally responsible retailers.

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    • Each time they deliver they ask if you’ve got any old bags for recycling. But hey, let’s not let facts get in the way of an internet rant.

    • People like to be silly. Theres no logic to their silliness either, its as if they forget to engage their brains before putting their mouths into gear…

      • Morrisons can fuck off removing home delivery from app with a tonne of addresses without even a single heads up to any of us and even let us finish our large shop selection before it then tells us no

        How the f can they screw up on this?
        Switch to browser and shop which is about 25% as functional and no longer has most of the items that you put in trolley on the app…

        Yeah usually Morrisons is the best but no more.
        And 5000 for £5 is a joke.

  1. I’m having to get my del from asda since my car broke. And morrisons don’t del here in pa5… I’m loosing so many points. When will home del become available here

    • So true. Also they need to have a bit more of a frozen range, literally have to go to Iceland to buy Birdseye (potato) waffles… And their homeware is rubbish

    • Well said Barry!
      Morrisons in hadleigh essex is terrible for stock!
      Refuse to make you a pizza from their pizza counter as not enough staff! Why the person saying no can’t do it I do not know!
      Get rid of that horrid moody, with customers, not her own staff, woman that has the most horrendous loud cackle, its deafening!

  2. The new store structure in Leamington is rubbish. My shop take 30muns lobger and there’s less of a range. Why is fish next to fresh cakes. Why is a meat chilled in niggle of vegetable/fruit section that’s goibg to encourage veggies. Take off the covers over the trolley parks you have to reverse out blind – accident will happen

  3. I agree Barry our local Morrisons has empty shelves all over the store. If you have not got it you will not sell it with or without paper bags.

  4. I shop in my local Morrison’s store every week but am disappointed every week when the fruit and vegetable isles are half empty. This happens every week no matter what day I shop or what time. I’ve tried early morning, mid-morning, lunch time, mid-afternoon and early evening and still the fruit and vegetable stock is shocking. I also want to see more organic fruit and veg but not wrapped in plastic. Why oh why are the Swedes shrink wrapped, they don’t need it!.

  5. Sort out the fruit and vegetable stock as every time I shop in my local Morrison’s, which is every week, it doesn’t matter what time of day I’m there there’s always some fruit and vegetables that I want but are not on the shelves. Either I ask and they are brought to me from the stock room or they don’t have them. I’ve written twice before but the response is useless as nothing’s ever done. Also, I see online there are a few fruit and veg that’s organic but not in store. Also your organic range needs to improve with more options.

  6. I’d rather they put more effort in to ensuring the price on the shelf matched the price at the till. You’ve really got to watch them.

  7. We shop at Morrisons every week even when we’re away from home but lately have been very disappointed with Barrow in Furness store stock levels are always low and loads of empty spaces on shelves also very short dated fresh food which is no good if you want it for mid week, you can buy some things for two or three weeks and then find it’s no longer in stock when you spend an average of 90 to100 pounds per week you expect better than this, very disallusioned at the moment.

  8. Staff to be more welcoming and helpful,especially to disabled customers, have more stock available. Also to have more staff to cover the shops. And to have better health and safety in some shops.

  9. Dead right Barry this store is going right down the nick.
    Attracting new customers and cutting costs and staff levels?c’mon can’t have it both ways

  10. Continual empty shelves early closing of deli counter managers orders lack Windsor bright blue super kings all at edith branch customers treated as 2nd class when complaint made to management

  11. Get more staff on the counters, sick of waiting for one person to cover two or three different areas! Talk about get your money’s worth out of your staff! No wonder all I hear is cant wait to leave, sick of being moaned at cant be in more than one place at a time!

  12. Need more points and do like tesco send people statement with voucher and £5 is not valid for very long and u don’t get double points

  13. Remove the obstructions at the entrance to the shop, every Morrisons store has a barrier inside, this is subliminally off-putting to customers! Customers don’t need to be bombarded with special offers before they even make it into the store!
    Remove the baskets of cakes and other stuff that are placed down the aisles which cause uncomfortable tight spots.
    Put the damn fishmonger at the back of the shop so it doesn’t stink of fish as soon as you walk in!
    It really would not be hard to make Morrisons stores more appealing to a wider range of customers.

  14. Home delivery has killed our local store, from what we gather both staff and customers are unhappy with level of stock. We have voted with our feet , after unsatisfactory discussions with management and now shop elsewhere!

  15. I agree about no stock on the shelves. Are they trying a new system? If they are it isn’t working. Will be shopping at another store if things don’t improve.

  16. Need to have more stock in store I shop every week in the same store and half the shelves are empty.been like that for weeks now and when you complain nothing gets done about it. Prices go up every week. Seriously considering doing my weekly shop in another supermarket.

  17. Morrisons talking about replacing plastic bags with paper bags well you need to make sure paper bags are there for customers to use never any bags when we purchase bananas etc. Morrisons has gone right downhill in my opinion never any staff on the shop floor and when you do find someone there customer service skills are very poor

    • Sorry June but this must be a local problem because our store at Wrexham is the complete opposite. Yes, we have occasionally found empty racks for paper bags but the staff are only too happy to help when you alert them to the shortage.

  18. King’s Lynn store often looks like those old photos of Eastern Europe and the ussr in the old days, still they will all look like it if Jeremy gets in, he likes the South American look

  19. I agree with all the comments on here no staff on shop floor. The shelves are full of empty cardboard packaging in the weymouth store.

  20. People who think recycling plastic bags make the use of plastic bags “ok then” need to get with the programme. Clearly they haven’t seen the reports. Its inexcusable to keep producing plastic bags when it’s not necessary. Recycling doesn’t solve the problem. Check out some documentaries and find out where all this “recyclable plastic” really ends up these days.

  21. I love Morrisons, if produce hasn’t been put out because it has only just arrived in store staff are more than willing to get whatever you require. The only thing that does need wrapping are the cucumbers as they go soft and bendy so are not worth eating. Please listen to that. The layout is fine but yes some shelves do need filling, staff very friendly and helpful. They could talk to parents of autistic children about the silent hour, very good idea but it may not suit every families needs being early in the day. We travel around the country and always try to find Morrisons beforehand. Our local store is Houghton Regis. Management are also helpful and are often on the shop floor helping the staff.

  22. I agree with most of the other comments, the Morrison’s stores have gone right down hill. There are all under stocked and under staffed. The staff that are there are overworked and mostly disillusioned with their job .

  23. The way things are going they’ll have no stock or staff to put it away. I’ve been in for weeks and out of stock is the new norm.

  24. Always gaps on shelves and lack of staff. Get it sorted before you lose even more customers. Your meat and fresh goods are the best and your bakery but let down by availability need to sort your deliveries.

  25. I shop at our local branch every week (Wednesbury, West Midlands) there’s always a lovely atmosphere as soon as you walk in the store. I understand that sometimes the shelves are empty or not priced properly, this branch needs more staff on the shop floor at busy times. Management should be aware that there staff are always there to help customers. More staff in the cafeteria too please.these staff are always in need of an extra help.

  26. We shop at our local Morrisons in Lawley, Telford almost every week. It seems to us to be pretty well stocked (with the exception of fresh cut chives….I can hardly ever find them irrespective of which day or time of day I shop. The staff are helpful and friendly and you are not rushed to pack at the till.
    *Note to management* The paper bags at the fruit & veg are woefully inadequate. They are simply NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO DO THE JOB. It’s not the first time my bananas have ended up on the floor bruised and spoiled.

  27. Most companies operate a ‘JIT’ (Just In Time) stock re-ordering system but in Morrisons it’s ‘JTL’….Just Too Late
    Staff aren’t being replaced, so fewer staff available to do jobs – our local stores very busy cafe regularly has only 3 staff, when there should be 8 per shift. all 3 were working their butts off trying to deliver a service, but with one cooking, one taking orders & the 3rd delivering food, clearing tables & manning the Barista coffee bar, they’re up against an impossible task. And then some old whinger complains a table hasn’t been wiped….in a self clearing caff Grandad the staff don’t always get to tables between customers


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