128 jobs axed as Morrisons closes 5-year-old Crawley store

128 jobs axed as Morrisons closes Crawley store just 5 years since opening
Morrisons Crawley is closing down despite its prominent town centre location.
// The Morrisons located in Crawley, West Sussex, is shutting down
// The store has been open only 5 years
// 128 jobs will be affected by the closure

Morrisons’ prominent town centre store in Crawley is set to close down after just five years of operation, affecting 128 employees.

According to Crawley News 24, staff at the West Sussex store were informed about the closure yesterday.

Morrisons have since released a statement confirming it will be going through a consultation process with affected employees to discuss how to reduce redundancies.

It’s understood that the Big 4 grocer’s Crawley branch had to cope with issues plaging the local retail scene despite the store’s prominent location in the town centre and easy parking.

“As we continue to focus on building a broader, stronger Morrisons we are constantly reviewing opportunities for new stores and the performance of our existing estate,” a Morrisons spokesperson told Crawley News 24.

“We are planning to invest in four new stores this year and are today, regrettably, proposing to close our Crawley store.

“We will now be going through a consultation process at the store and will be discussing how to reduce redundancies and, where possible, redeploy our highly valued colleagues within the business.”

While this particular Morrisons store is closing down, the retailer as a whole is performing well.

According to its results for the full-year ending February 3, underlying pre-tax profits came in at £406 million – an 8.6 per cent year-on-year uplift.

Operating profit before exceptionals was £465 million, a 4.5 per cent year-on-year increase.

This marked Morrison’s third straight year of profits.

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  1. Extremely sad to hear this news. I shop at Morrisons at least once a month. Love their fruit and veg always fresh. I just hope their store in Reigate will still remain open.

  2. So sad to hear the Morrisons Crawley is shutting down. My favourite out of the others. Easy parking, great prices, no hastle and great restaurant (that’s not Costa) Will be sad to see it go

  3. Disgusting Crawley has little enough to attract people into town , even John Lewis and Ikea didn’t want to locate here. I would rather have seen the new Iceland go – what a depressing store that is and no easy parking whoever made this decision is not farseeing – a foolhardy decision and one not at all popular with Crawley residents. While on the subject of What is good for Crawley what about enlarging our pathetically small mall for a large town ? Whenever possible I choose to shop elsewhere.

  4. I thought Morrisons was in just as a convenient place as Asda is, especially with the free 2 hour parking. At least you don’t get shopping trollies left all over the place rolling into your car there like you do at Asda !! Don’t know why they don’t introduce the £1 system and then people would return them

  5. This is disgusting this is the 2nd time morrisons have let Crawley down.when planning permission was given they were asked what would happen to the store based in Broadfield neighbourhood parade.The answer given wasno matter what happened it would stsy open and they closed it leaving a large estate with no decent supermarket, it was always busy.

  6. So sad to see that such a good,clean and well organised shop as Morrison’s is …shutting down. It was always a good stressfree stopping for us , fresh fruit, vegetables and meat also, very tasty freshly baked cakes and bakery…Hope not another bar or disco!

  7. So devastated that my favourite ever shop is closing down. Heartbroken to say the least. The cafe was one of my favourite restaurants in crawley, I’ll be lost without it. </3

    • Hey Bob, great heartfelt post. Yes, I love this place too. Reasonable prices for great quality food. I used to take my wife to the cafe for our anniversary meal – where will we go now?

      • Hi Bobbie, I understand your pain. I have spent every Sunday afternoon there for the past year with my wife. Maybe we can find another suitable cafe with reasonable prices and the 4 of us grab a jacket potato?

        • I actually met my wife in this store. We crashed into eachothers tolleys and just hit it off. I really hope they turn this into a disco or something which involves dancing. Would love to dance with her in the spot we met. I will miss the old shop but I hope crawley sees the light.

  8. Went to Crawley yesterday from Caterham and made my way over to Morrisons where I hoped to visit their restaurant and do some shopping. Was absolutely astounded when I found it was closed and got back on the bus and went home. How long before they close the Caterham one? Lack of staff, goods piled high waiting to be put out and lack of trolleys!

  9. Morrisons is my fave grocery shop, everything you want at a reasonable price. It’s a shame it’s gone, can’t see the space that size being used for anything when shops are closing. What a waste of money and only open for 5 years. I think the days of huge supermarkets are gone, unless they have a cheap clothes and home wares section. If you didn’t drive, getting into the shop took a bit longer, and it was huge to walk around. I now prefer shopping in a smaller shop where I just walk directly in and get out quickly.


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