Guide to international expansion in retail


Think Big. Think Global.

That’s the Key Message for Retailers Today

The current retail market in the UK is challenging but some retailers are still managing to grow—by expanding overseas.

But overseas expansion is no golden ticket. There have been as many failures as there have been success stories. What are the lessons we can learn from those who succeed? And how does each overseas territory stack up in terms of opportunities and risks?

Retail Gazette & Oracle NetSuite’s white paper ‘A Guide to Retail International Expansion’; answers those questions. Let it be your starting point for global expansion.

  • Discover the key factors retailers need to know about expanding operations into Europe, the Middle East and Africa; China and Asia-Pacific; and the Americas.
  • Get an insight into prevailing economic and market conditions in each territory.
  • Find out how other retailers such as, Primark and Hotel Chocolat met the challenge, with spotlights on these companies that have taken the plunge.

Download this timely white paper from Retail Gazette & Oracle NetSuite to discover a world of opportunities for UK retailers.

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