The Body Shop launches new concept store with activism zone & refill stations

The Body Shops has revamped one of its busiest stores for its new concept featuring an activism zone. Returning to the activist roots of its founder Anita Roddick shoppers will be encouraged to get involved in the campaigns.
The Body Shop hopes its new store concept will point a way forward in sustainability in retail.(Image Rowan Butler/The Body Shop)
// The Body Shop’s new concept store on Bond Street attempts return to roots of founder Anita Roddick
// Customers will be able to return empty bottles and other containers from any brand to be re-used in store

The Body Shop has revamped one of its busiest stores to launch a new concept featuring an activism zone and refill stations.

Returning to the roots of its founder Anita Roddick, shoppers are encouraged to get involved in the retailer’s sustainability campaigns.

The Body Shop, now owned by Brazilian company Natura, chose to makeover the store located across the road from Bond Street tube station in central London due to the strong footfall driven by workers and tourists.

The new store concept features a water station which has been installed for shoppers to refill bottles as well as a product refill area too, initially for shower gels.

The retailer did previously have refilling stations installed but abandoned the scheme 20 years ago due to little enthusiasm from customers.

However, the concept has been revived amid growing demand for reductions in packaging waste and greater efforts to help to environment.

The fit-out of the Bond Street shop has also been accomplished with sustainability in mind, featuring materials rescued from landfill.
In addition, shoppers who return empty bottles and containers will be able to gain vouchers.
The store will also have an “activism corner” for customers to make their own change-making pledges.

The Body Shop managing director Linda Campbell told The Guardian that the retailer hopes to revive the mantra of its founder, who died in 2007, with new environmental and community-minded initiatives designed to remind consumers that it’s at the forefront of ethical business.

The Body Shop also said it would monitor responses to the new concept store and suggested that some of its features could be rolled out in shops across Europe and North America.


  1. I’m going on Saturday, really looking forward to seeing the new store, especially the ‘Refill Station’. I just hope it will be rolled out across the UK and all high street stores.


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