A Day in the Life of an Effective Store Manager


Scheduling, finding fill-ins for last-minute shift changes, and distributing corporate memos. Store managers are forced to squander at least 25% of their time on mindless activities that could easily be simplified or automated.

At the same time, they’re held accountable for ever-increasing store performance. As a result, communication suffers under a load of ineffective processes, work culture deteriorates, and employees leave. Spending time on hiring and training new team members only worsens the manager’s situation.

If they only had the right tools and workflows, store managers could be your highest driver of productivity and profits. Imagine them using a whole day per week to engage in high-value activities, such as:

  • training employees
  • fostering a positive work environment
  • finding creative ways to motivate the team

How much more productively would your whole team operate? What would your team culture look like? And most importantly, how far could you increase your stores’ performance? These are the questions WorkJam’s white paper “A Day in the Life of a Store Manager Using a Digital Workplace” asks and answers.

To learn more about how to make your managers happier and more productive, download the paper here.


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