5 Minutes With Alan Walsh, Chief Executive, Amido

Amido is an independent technical consultancy that delivers intelligent solutions to drive innovation, growth and operational efficiency.

Tell me about Amido?

Amido is an independent technical consultancy that delivers intelligent solutions to drive innovation, growth and operational efficiency. Our cloud-native approach enables and accelerates digital transformation, helping organisations to continuously deliver at scale. With proven experience across multiple sectors, Amido is trusted by some of the world’s most powerful brands to future proof their technology investments.

Why should retailers invest in Amido?

Modern retail has entered a brave new world: massively different from even a decade ago, and the challenges and pressures are immense. Retailers face an accelerated rate of change – and it’s coming from everywhere. Disruptive competitors, fickle and demanding customers, new digital channels. Keeping up is hard enough – let alone getting ahead. Often the hardest part is knowing where to start, so finding the right digital partner is key. At Amido, we have a proven track record of helping some of the largest online and bricks & mortar retailers, from ASOS and Burberry to Next, deliver successful digital transformations.

How has Amido helped their businesses?

Over the past decade, Amido has helped its customers by driving growth and delivering competitive advantage, with clients benefitting from deeper insights into customer behaviour, tech that allows for scale, improved business performance and growth stability.

We enable innovation that delivers business value by giving organisations the freedom and flexibility to adopt new technologies and roll out new services.

For us, digital transformation is all about delivering greater operational efficiency without compromising on quality. Which is why we see identity as the first step on the path to the cloud. We have helped countless businesses to create secure, intuitive and user centred systems that increase self-service, free up resources and reduce costs.

By moving organisations away from legacy IT systems our customers walk away with technical independence and agility, future proofing their technology platform for years to come.

How does Amido help address the challenges that hiring managers face in retail?

With the current industry wide talent shortage, retailers are struggling to find the right resources to deliver their digital transformation projects. Amido’s 100 plus engineers have both technical knowledge, and more importantly the hands-on experience to plug those gaps. Coupled with our unique IP acceleration to the cloud, we help retailers realise their transformation journey and accelerate ROI.

What are your roles and responsibilities at Amido?

As someone who has always been passionate about the positive impact that engineering can have on the world as well as the business value it delivers, I set up Amido in 2010 to help organisations improve customer data and identity management through the smarter use of cloud services. As CEO, over the past ten years I have championed Amido’s ‘no vendor agenda’, which has allowed us the freedom to recommend and build the right solutions for our customers.

What role do you think Amido has in the future of retail?

Today’s consumer market is changing faster than ever before, meaning retailers can no longer rely on legacy IT if they want to remain competitive. They need to be flexible enough to adapt to the increasingly demanding expectations of customers in order to stay relevant. As a trusted, flexible technology partner, Amido can help drive business change quickly, efficiently and effectively. Ensuring retailers continue to achieve profitability and significance going forward.

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