Hands On with Adidas’ new London flagship

Adidas recently opened a four-storey 27,000sq ft flagship on London's Oxford Street which it called its "most digital store to date". With over 100 digital touch points and even an interactive changing room mirrors, Retail Gazette paid a visit to see what all the fuss is about.

Adidas London store flagship
The new London flagship showcases Adidas' latest and best-selling releases with tech-driven customer experience.


The four-storey, 27,000sq ft flagship store opposite Selfridges replaces Adidas’ smaller store next door and has been branded “Adidas LDN”.

The store features over 100 digital touch points that are all powered by green energy.

Not only does it showcase Adidas’ latest and best-selling releases, it also offers a tech-driven customer experience – such as an interactive changing room.


Upon entering, visitors can view Adidas’ latest releases, as well as a preview of the store’s customisation offering. Visitors can also learn more about the Adidas app and its perks.

In The Base, visitors can take part in product experiences, activations and interactive challenges in an immersive environment made from LED screens and flooring that can change mood and purpose at the click of a button.

Adidas London store flagship
Visitors can learn more about perks through the Adidas app

The store also offers customisation, which means customers can choose what designs can be used on their clothing or footwear.

The process takes around 15 minutes to three hours depending on the design.

The customisation offer also means shoppers can also bring in used Adidas clothing for colleagues to prepare the designs.

Adidas London store flagship
Shoppers can customise their clothing & footwear in store

Adidas London store flagship

Furthermore, Adidas is offering a “Running Lab”, which customers to run on an in-house treadmill that records their run and ultimately helps them decide what type of shoes would be best suited to them.

Visitors that are interested in giving their shoes of choice a test run are told to run for one minute for the device to record enough data to decide the right shoes for them.

Adidas London store flagship
Visitors can test-run Adidas’ running shoes on an in-house treadmill

Adidas London store flagship

The store also offers a bra-fitting service, allowing women find the right bra for running.

Adidas London store flagship


Adidas’ new London flagship[ store has ventured into digital innovation by offering customers an interactive changing room.

The changing room mirrors use RFID technology to recognise products once the visitors steps into the room, and allows them to request different sizes and colours without leaving the space.

Adidas London store flagship
Customers can request different sizes & colours from their changing room via interactive screens

In order to allow customers to keep their shoes clean, Adidas also offers a “Sneaker Service” which means visitors can book a slot with Crep Protect to have their trainers professionally cleaned by colleagues.

The store’s functions are also made a lot simpler by just using the Adidas app.

Customers can take advantage of a “Bring It to Me” feature which uses in-store geolocation tracking to provide an uninterrupted browsing experience.

They can also use it to scan products, check stock, request their size and purchase items on the spot as they shop without the need to queue or go to designated collection spaces.


Although Adidas is associated with sport, the store tries to cater for lifestyle needs. It features the latest Originals designs and collaborations including Adidas YEEZY, alongside Adidas by Stella McCartney and Y-3 specific areas.

Throughout the whole store, consideration has been given to respecting and protecting the environment by using a large range of sustainable and responsibly-sourced materials including recycled plastic, foam and textiles.

Adidas London store flagship
Adidas’ plus-size mannequin

The store also manifests contemporary attitudes by displaying a plus-size mannequin – similar to the one found at rival Nike’s London flagship.

The flagship is designed to consider all types of needs, from running, lifestyle through to fashion.

Meanwhile, as the demand for sustainability and diversity rises, Adidas has made efforts to show off its values throughout the store.

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