High Court gives green light to Canada Goose UK protests

Canada Goose protests
Canada Goose opened its London flagship in November 2017
// Canada Goose’s requests to stop protesters at its UK flagship have been rejected
// The retailer uses animal products including fur

Canada Goose has had its requests to end protests at its UK flagship store rejected by the High Court.

The luxury retailer sells outerwear which is manufactured using animal products including fur, and has sparked protests at its London flagship ever since opening in November 2017.

On November 29 2017, Canada Goose issued a claim form against the protesters.

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The form sought an injunction against anyone protesting against the sale of clothing containing animal-derived materials at the store for alleged acts of harassment, trespass and/or nuisance.

On the same day, Canada Goose was granted a without notice interim injunction.

In early 2019, the retailer was seeking a summary judgement to make the interim injunction a final order.

However, the High Court has now dismissed the application for summary judgement and discharged the existing interim injunction.

The court said that an individual’s right to protest is a legal right, and the judge refused to restrict it as they could not find enough evidence to prove protesters’ wrongdoings.

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  1. Canada goose is something any of you cant afoord becaus ur living on benefits. So shush and carry on with ur lives pls and thank u

  2. Imagine giving a shit about animals, weak minded people. We eat meat, we drink milk, why wouldn’t we use their fur for clothing? They are simply a resource to be used, in all ways.

  3. Being weak minded is to accept the brainwasing and lies that corporations want you to believe. they get rich charging you obscene amounts of money to wear and eat dead animals, drink their bodily fluids and your happy to do it. The animal farming industries are huge contributors to climate change , water and air pollution and land degradation. Not particularly pragmatic since we only have one planet. Is it?!

  4. I’ve met with many Canada Goose customers while protesting outside the shop who simply believed the marketing that says the fur is “humanely sourced,” because this is what Canada Goose marketing makes clear. They had never heard of a snare or a leg hold trap, and were always grateful to know that these methods of trapping are banned in most countries in the world for ethical reasons, except parts (note: not all) of Canada and the US. Canada Goose is going to court in the US for using the words, “humanely sourced,” and if they lose they will have to remove these words from all of their marketing.


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