Morrisons promotes 2 execs “to build a stronger” team

Morrisons David Potts Trevor Strain Michael Gleeson
CFO Trevor Strain will be COO, while trading director Michael Gleeson will step up as CFO
// Morrisons promotes two executives “to continue to build a broader, stronger Morrisons”
// CEO David Potts has praised Morrison’s “strong management development plans”

Morrisons has promoted two of its executives as chief executive David Potts hails the grocer’s “strong management development plans”.

The Big 4 retailer has promoted chief financial officer Trevor Strain to chief operating officer, while trading director Michael Gleeson will step up as chief financial officer.

Strain has been an executive director at Morrisons and its chief financial officer since 2013. In his new role he will be responsible for commercial, manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, operations development, online and wholesale.


Meanwhile, Gleeson, who is due to begin his new role on February 3, joined Morrisons in 2014 and is currently responsible for ambient grocery, frozen, fuel, dairy and services as trading director.

Gleeson joined the grocer from Tesco where he worked for 15 years in various finance roles.

Strain and Gleeson will both report directly to Potts.

“These two appointments are a result of strong management development plans at Morrisons and I am delighted that we are promoting two highly capable colleagues from within the team,” Potts said.

“Trevor is a proven and outstanding business leader who has played a pivotal role in the ongoing Morrisons turnaround.

“Michael has extensive financial, commercial and retail experience, together with a first-class track record, and his appointment will further strengthen the executive team.

“Together, and as part of the wider Morrisons team, we will continue to build a broader, stronger Morrisons.”

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  1. David how about more staff on shop floor been in a number of stores and shelves empty begin at bottom and work your way up . No staff no sales ken would turn in his grave not being enough staff on shop floor

  2. Unfortunately I agree with the comments about staff levels, it’s shocking . The warehouses are full to busting but no one to put it on the shelves. Get warehouse staff back, surely the warehouse is the heart of the store, if that’s not running right the store isn’t.

  3. You definitely need to be looking at hiring more staff you have missed a beat with the fact tesco has removed its counters.
    I came in shopping last week and felt so sorry for one of the young girls she was manning 3 counters on her own.
    You spend thousands on salaries for the higher up management but think nothing of the low level staff.

  4. I work for Morrison and this day and age all they want is people for head office just because they went to uni and got a 2.2. In business I been in retail for over 20 years and forgot more than they know and get turned down for promotion because all they think about is number on sheet and not staff on floor it is like this wherever you go it all about the managers bonus and not the customer’s welcome to the American way of shopping (BIG MISTAKE )

    • Well said mate i work for morrisons too (12 years)and all the new managers that come along have come straight from uni and have never done a days work on the shop floor in their lives

  5. Yes it ture need more staff stock is filling up warehouse and their no staff on shopfloor how can 4 staff work 20 + delivery everyday its disposable also store manager expected everything worked and back stock everyday ive through its was all about customers and availability but you can not do it without staff

  6. Agree with above comments, can’t understand why morrisons deli counter does not offer cut cheese but only offer prepacked cheese plastic wrapped cheese instead. When I have requested staff to cut cheese I have been told all cheese is prepacked now. There is definitely a shortage of floor staff in Bradford Victoria store. Sir Ken will be turning in his grave, I’m sure this is not the image of Market Street he had in mind.

  7. We deffo need more staff i have my self been running 3 counters by my self and gone with out breaks because we have not had staff to cover breaks . The shelves are empty and not enough staff to put stuff on shelves . Customers moaning at us but we only have one pair of hands . Having to run between 3 counters its so stupid . Somthing has to been done sooner rather than later

  8. The staff and managers have health and safety problems no training they seem dumb by putting items in front of the fire extinguisher seems OK to them but it’s customer’s safety first naming Guiseley store

  9. I went to the Leighton buzzard Bedfordshire store at 7am put about £60 of food in trolley went to the till all closed asked a member of staff which till is open she said there are no till open at the moment
    I just left the trolley at the till and left it there
    Went to Tesco a much better service

  10. I live n the isle of Wight and you have a major problem with keeping staff , your Newport branch looks tired and dated, people who have worked for you don’t have anything good to say about Morrison’s and your shelf’s always seem to be half empty? Always looks untidy , you have high staff turnover , you really need to start thinking about the way staff feel and improve things, I’ve shopped at Morrison’s for years but I find myself starting to use Lidl’s and Aldi’s instead , come on Morrison’s you can do a lot better then this.


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