Fresh calls for Sir Philip Green to have knighthood removed

Fresh calls for Sir Philip Green to have knighthood removed
Steven Bonnar, a new SNP MP, said he was made redundant from BHS in 2008 when he was the father of a young child. Sir Philip Green owned BHS at the time.
// Sir Philip Green is facing fresh calls to have his knighthood removed
// New MP Steven Bonnar used his maiden House of Commons speech to criticise Green and his title
// Green’s knighthood was previously under threat in the wake of the BHS scandal in 2016 & allegations of sexual harassment in 2018

A former BHS store worker who is now an MP has used his maiden speech to call for Sir Philip Green to have his knighthood removed because of his “indifference” to employees.

Steven Bonnar, a new SNP MP for Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill, said he was made redundant from BHS in 2008 when he was the father of a young child.

Green, the chairman of the Arcadia Group which owned the now-defunct BHS department stores for 15 years, was handed a knighthood in 2006 for services to the retail industry.


Giving his maiden speech in the House of Commons, Bonnar said: “I had two spells before redundancy in 2008, with a daughter of only five months old at the time.

“I wanted to take this chance actually to thank Philip Green for that harsh life lesson that so many of us endured under his employment.

“I won’t use his given title of ‘sir’. I think it’s a disgrace that he still holds it.

“To see it scrapped would go some way to repairing the damage his immeasurable greed and indifference for his employees and their families created.”

Ti comes after the House of Commons passed a motion in 2016 asking the Honours Forfeiture Committee to recommend whether Green’s knighthood be “cancelled and annulled” in the wake of the BHS collapse and subsequent pensions scandal.

Green sold BHS to Dominic Chappell for £1 in 2015, a year before it collapsed with the loss of 11,000 jobs and a pensions deficit of £571 million.

Green also faced calls to have his knighthood removed in late 2018, when came under fire with allegations of sexual harassment and bullying from former Arcadia Group staff – which he has consistently denied.

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  1. Every living BhS pensioner is affected, and will continue to suffer the effects of Green’s dubious management of the company and its relationship with the pension scheme. Despite the additional payment Green made to the scheme, and the avoidance of it being moved to the PPF and it’s welcome transfer to PIC, it has still resulted in significantly reduced annual increases, way below the level that was promised when everyone joined the scheme. Green is a disgrace and should definitely have his knighthood taken away from him and he should be treated as the social pariah he is.

  2. Agree his knighthood should be taken away. BHS were starved of investment and had well over 1.2Bn taken out in the 15 years he owned them. The same with Arcadia another previous success story of the UK high Street that was once bigger than Next but is now very much dying on our high street.

    BHS could have survived in lighting and homeware format.
    As for Arcadia many stores are now going as landlords give Arcadia notice to quit because they do not want to accept lower rents.

    You reap what you sow. This man should not be allowed to run retail businesses.

  3. Green (through his wife) has taken millions of pounds in dividends and yet his staff and pension fund contributers have been left penniless
    He should be locked up, let alone have his knighthood taken away.
    Disgusting behaviour !
    And I won’t even start about the sexual harassment allegations !

  4. Phillip Green is a greedy man and only thinks of himself stripped every company he’s had of billions and left it bare and thousands of people out of work and their pension stolen he’s a grace take his knighthood from him from and never allow him to buy another company in this country your a disgrace Mr Green stay on your yatch in middle of sea somewhere never to be seen again


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