McColl’s to close over 300 stores

McColl’s store closures
As part of wider a “strategic change programme” aimed at boosting performance, CEO Jonathan Miller said McColl’s would look to reduce its estate
// McColl’s to close 330 stores in the next couple of years
// It closed 120 newsagents and smaller convenience stores last year

McColl’s has revealed plans to shut 330 stores in the next three to four years as it seeks to focus its activities in the food convenience market.

The retailer currently operates 1430 stores, having closed 120 newsagents and smaller convenience stores last year.

As part of wider a “strategic change programme” aimed at boosting performance, chief executive Jonathan Miller said McColl’s would look to reduce its estate to an “optimal size” of 1100, following the group’s full-year results earlier this week.

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McColl’s posted declining profits and sales in its preliminary results for the full year, attributing it to its store optimisation programme and softer market conditions.

For the full year period ending November 24, McColl’s said total revenue went down 1.8 per cent year-on-year to £1.22 billion, reflecting store closures and divestments as part of a store optimisation programme.

The retailer aims to reduce its chain of newsagents in favour of larger, convenience-focused stores that better meet the needs of consumers’ shifting attitudes.

McColl’s said 2020 will be a “transitional year” as it implements its improvement programme.

A McColl’s spokesperson told Retail Gazette: “Over the medium term, as a result of further divestments and net of future acquisitions, we anticipate an optimised estate of around 1100 larger, more convenience focused stores.”

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  1. Seriously top heavy on management especially area/regional position.
    Staff paid a poor hourly rate with poor working conditions. Store management expected to work way over contracted hours.
    No shock in store closures, board have never been good with strategic planning.

    • Got to agree as a store manager myself.
      Over the last couple of years I have had to cover numerous other stores without managers, often working 12 hour shifts solo.
      Then when the bring in measures to se if we are working more than our contracted, we are forced to fudge the figures or they fudge the figures themselves so that it looks like we arent working over our contracted hours.
      Low morale amongst management is a serious problem. Heaven help them if we ever unionised.

  2. The administration of P&H and having to find new suppliers surely had a huge impact. Even Journeys Friend dissolved when P&H went bust.

  3. Prices are not in line with competitors and far too expensive. Cannot compete with the likes of Costcutter, Premier and One Stop.

  4. Same rubbish over and over again, promises never given, staff worked to the limit, way too many stores that they can deal with…..things break and they never wanna spend money, they expect staff to work in horrendous conditions

  5. Worked at McColls for 16 years bad pay to much stress poor training often expected to work in supervised without training

  6. Wife bullied by area manager and had to go on sick leave with work related stress after he threatened to suspend her swearing at her in front of two year old grandson-


  7. Biggest rip off shop in the uk , prices are more than twice that of a “normal shop” they prey on council estates … hope they go under

  8. Worst place I’ve ever worked. Worst place I’ve ever shopped in aswell. The company is a joke. Can’t wait to see them all shut down

  9. i used my local shop for 12 years till mccolls took it over i seen the prices go up and up,ie corn flakes in asda £3 for a kilo bag mccolls selling a half kilo box for £3 pounds all their prices are way above other local shops, i now use asda even with delivery cost asda is still half as dear.
    most important too is mccolls dont bother with sell by dates.
    get them closed….


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