Morrisons gives NHS staff 10% discount for 12 weeks

Morrisons gives NHS staff 10% discount for a year
The 10% discount is the latest measure from Morrisons to support those battling coronavirus on the frontline.
// Morrisons announces 10% discount on shopping for all NHS heroes during the Covid-19 pandemic
// The 10% discount comes into effect from Thursday
// It will last for at least 12 weeks

Morrisons has announced a 10 per cent discount on shopping for all NHS staff for 12 weeks to support the UK’s frontline health care workers through the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Big 4 grocer said the discount comes into effect from Thursday this week and will last until July 12, when it will be reviewed.

Morrisons said the gesture was a “thank you” the 1.5 million NHS workers around the country who are facing “unprecedented challenges” during the pandemic.


The discount for NHS staff is also the latest measure being introduced by Morrisons to support those battling coronavirus on the frontline.

The other initiatives include the NHS Shopping Hour to help NHS staff can get hold of the groceries they need the beginning of every day between 6am-7am, and 9am-9.30am on Sundays.

Morrisons also launched a click-and-collect food box service from hospital car parks to give NHS staff easy access to essential groceries after their shift has ended.

It will be available in 22 hospitals this week with more to come.

“This discount is our thank you to all those working in the National Health Service at this very difficult time,” Morrisons chief executive David Potts said.

“We are giving them our full support and gratitude as they continue to care for and support the nation during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

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  1. I work as a domestic in a hospital. I read on the Morrison website about a 10 % discount for all NHS workers, I wanted to take advantage of it today. To which they gave me a humiliating answer , when I was with my two children that “the discount is not for cleaners but for nurses and doctors.” I would like to ask the administration to write a clarification for whom this discount is available so that other people do not feel the same humiliation as I do today. Thanks a lot!

  2. Thank you Sylvia for sharing,
    I hope you’re well, don’t feel bad about.. cleaning is an important part of the job, we are saving doctors and nurses lives too.

  3. How disgusting, NHS staff work as a team, everyone does their part in making the service run smoothly & every bit as important.
    What is wrong with some people, they are just ignorant.
    I’m so sorry you were humiliated but you should feel proud, you do an incredible job.

  4. I would double check what you were told, the wording of the discount says NHS workers, there’s nothing I can see about excluding certain staff groups. It just requires an NHS identity photo card at the checkout.


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