Bensons for Beds inches closer to rescue deal, but not Harveys

Harveys & Bensons for Beds inches closer to pre-pack administration deal
Both Bensons for Beds and Harveys also had a change of hands last November.
// The owner of Bensons for Beds is close to re-acquiring it through a pre-pack administration deal
// However, stablemate Harveys could face the risk of being liquidated, placing 700 jobs at risk
// The two furniture retailers trade from 269 stores across the UK and employs 2700 in total

The parent company of Harveys and Bensons for Beds is reportedly close to launching a major restructure that could potentially lead to the loss of 700 jobs.

According to Sky News, Alteri Investors, a specialist firm known for turning around troubled retailers, is looking to reacquire Bensons for Beds through a pre-pack insolvency process.

However, this means stablemate Harveys could potentially be liquidated unless an alternative buyer steps forward to acquire it.


The two furniture retailers operate from 269 stores across the UK and employs 2700 in total, 700 of which are directly employed at Harveys.

The news comes after it emerged in March that Alteri had drafted in accountancy firm BDO to handle a potential sale of the two chains.

Both Bensons for Beds and Harveys also had a change of hands last November, when former parent company Blue Group was sold off by Steinhoff to Alteri Investors for an undisclosed sum.

Bensons for Beds is the largest bed retailer in the UK by store number, and Harveys the largest furniture specialist in the UK by store number.

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  1. Company doesn’t have the decency to speak to its staff at harvey’s my advise if your a customer wanting a refund or goods go into a bensons as there still owned by alteri

  2. Phone number for customer service no one answers I been waiting for my sofas since 4 jan can’t get any help has to what’s happening

    • The CEO took his head out of the sand and sent an email Only because of this article. Otherwise he would of continued to treat the staff like his customers!

    • Which literally tells us nothing apart from to ignore the speculation in the news they didn’t even think to tell us we were being sold again and they claimed that was a lie for ages before finally saying “sorry you found out this way”

  3. Been trying to get a sofa repaired since January still nothing was told we could have money back april still nothing

  4. I have been waiting for two settees since the end of January.
    I have sent numerous emails and tried to get through on the phone all to no avail.I thought the delay was due to the corovirus but am now really worried,

    • I have also been waiting for a settee and two chairs since January. But would you believe it received a text to say they would be delivering on the 9th July. Hope this is correct

  5. They are honestly the worst company I’ve ever ever dealt with. Shame for the people out of work but I’m not surprised in the slightest. Swore I’d never spend a penny with them ever again after buying my last sofa there. I wouldn’t hold your breath if you’re waiting for an order!

  6. We are waiting for wardrobes since january do you think we will still get them
    We also thought it was due to th virus

  7. I got my sofas delivered both different colour They have told me they will sort it but not happy at all how do we sort this now I want re fund and have stopped direct debit

  8. I am also waiting for Sofa which I paid cash for when I ordered it at the beginning of March.
    I have had several emails from them after prompting from me, they told me it was due to Covid 19 and they would be gettin in touch regarding delivery.
    I am now very worried

  9. Every company is trying it’s very best to sustain and maintain its staff and customers alike to all you doubtful people out there and competitors who have been putting them down…. Just you watch……. Not only will harvey’s come back, but it will come back with the right procedures and more importantly will be a great national chain that everyone will be proud off. #harveyspheonix

  10. We ordered a Red sofa and the black one they delivered is still in its wrapping. Do you have our red one – wiling to swap. “2 Seater Sofa Vixon LLMB Gradw LLM Scarlet, Dark Wood Feet”. Stock code (on the red one) 2700004290718.
    You can email me on [email protected]
    Thank you

  11. Reading all negative comments I am now very worried. Rang Harvey’s 21st June to ask where I stood regarding my order made in February. I was originally given a delivery date 14th April. Like everyone else I assumed the delay was due to the virus.I was told that orders where now being delivered. Paid deposit but now worried about paying balance. I have been given a new delivery date 7th July. Not very confident

  12. Have tried ringing numerous times – waiting time over 60 minutes waiting time! Emailed 3 weeks ago received a reply today saying suite was in stock (we had paid deposit) and they would deliver once full payment received. No mention of liquidation – not happy to pay any more so emailed them – waiting probably another 3 weeks for reply

  13. On the phone now, 30 mins so far. Paid £2.250 in January.
    All other furniture stores open except Harvey’s, presumed it was because of coronavirus, clearly it’s not. Why don’t they come out and tell the truth what’s really happening!

  14. Update,finally got through to Harvey’s and apparently my furniture will be delivered early August but I’m not holding my breath!

  15. Looks like something has happened Harveys website says they are no longer taking new orders and is down Bensons website the same, I know Harveys were planning to reopen stores tomorrow, this might be the end.

    • Where did you hear this, Emma? I don’t see it on news site but I fear you could be right.

      Ordered a sofa ages ago – was due in April – and had assumed the delays were just due to COVID, but this would fit with them not replying to any correspondence, etc. for the last couple of months.

      • Actually Harveys not replying to emails has been going on for years. I would still think your delivery will still happen

  16. we have paid upfront over £600 for a bed for our Mother who is blind and has dementia – she was moved into our house due to further illness in Feb this year- we only had a childs single bed as a spare and this is not suitable for her. We have tried for months to find out when it would arrive to be told this news today is shattering and its a Bensons for Beds purhcase via the Harveys’ sote. Absolutley appauling. We know they ahd the bed as our delivery was booked for the first week of lock down.

  17. Company have said all outstanding orders will be delivered, Bensons have today been bought back out of administration by the company who owned them yesterday, I have no idea how that works.

  18. My sofa I’ve had for 9 months is collapsing . Had an inspection on Monday told that both settees are riddled with woodworm:. Came with the furniture was told Harvey’s would remove it and allow a new order: rang today ‘nothing we can do’ so stick with 2very expensive settees which are rotten not to mention the house needs treating which they were doing

  19. i ordered a recliner to match my sofa i bought from harvey £700 pounds is floating around harvey’s like every one else i’ve been told not to worry why don’t they assure there customers there orders are safe instead of a load of bullshit no straightforward answer from anyone at harvey’s that’s if you get anyone to speak too (not a happy bunny)

  20. Ordered a bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, and bed side table for my disabled son who has sever autism, he’s moving into assisted living.
    Gutted is an understatement

  21. We ordered a corner sofa and a chair, in January, should have been delivered at Easter, Still waiting will we ever get our furniture, that’s all we want to know, will we get our deposit back, we have bought lost of furniture with harveys never had any problems, until now, just wish they would tell us what’s going to happen, to our furniture and money……

  22. I would never ever ever buy from Harvey’s or bensons for bed ever again! I was promised a price match within so long and when i rang they wouldn’t. When my bed come it was damaged the drivers were so rude yet they didnt want do anything about it untill i had too fight for my rights. These companys dont deserve be in business. They are Rude liars how they sleep at night I will never know! STAY WELL CLEAR PEOPLE!!

  23. Spent £878 deposit on leather sofa and chair ordered in February. Spoke to Bensons Beds today and was told any orders prior to July will be honoured by bensons and if unable to supply goods will sort renumeration. I paid with credit card so have some insurance, but would prefer the goods, done our house up and missing the finishing touches. LIKE A SOFA !

  24. I ordered sofa & chair feb 2000, do not have delivery date but harveys saying all orders placed will be delivered. If i want full refund will have to go through administrators. Nightmare, i paid in full (cash).

  25. the middle management are all in hiding as they now know what’s going to happen in 7 days time…….. Mass staff walk outs?

  26. Ordered suite 13th march been told delivery will be august / September asked for my deposit back no response

  27. Ordered 2 x sofas beginning of June and paid £800 in full. No communication from Harveys to they have gone into administration, no reassurance, no information and impossible to get through to them via email or phone. I cannot afford to lose this money (saved up for a year) and I’m really worried and angry about the situation and the lack of information from the seller.

  28. I ordered a sofa that was meant to be delivered in April I have never not had nothing back from them and I paid a deposit and it was cash and by the sounds of it I have lost that money wish I knew where to go from here

  29. I go out of my way to inform people not to use Bensons for Beds. They are nothing but a bunch of liars and thieves. They know full well they are taking money from people with zero chance of fulfilling those orders for another 6 months. The company is going down the drain, yet they are taking money from people – that’s theft. They lie about delivery dates and tell customers and the DAY OF DELIVERY that the item is not arriving – the truth is, the item doesn’t even exist. Shambolic excuse for a company that needs to rid itself from our already decimated high street. Take a look at “Bensons for Beds=Bensons for Crap” if you want to see the truth.


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