Bensons for Beds welcomes new chair to boost leadership

Bensons for Beds Mark Jackson Chris Howell
Bensons for Beds received a £25m cash injection from Alteri as part of its pre-pack deal
// Bensons for Beds hires Chris Howell as new chair to boost leadership team
// Howell will work closely with CEO Mark Jackson and CFO John Sidebotham
// Joe Wykes has joined as COO

Bensons for Beds has appointed Chris Howell as its new chairman in a bid to strengthen its executive team amid driving the business’ growth.

After securing a restructuring deal, that injected £25 million of new investment to grow the business, the bedding retailer has unveiled its new leadership team.

The retailer said Howell has been working with the business in an advisory capacity for several months and will work closely with chief executive Mark Jackson and chief financial officer John Sidebotham.


Bensons for Beds has also appointed Joe Wykes as its chief operating officer.

Howell was previously the chairman at Maxeda DIY Group in Benelux and Oceanico Group and has led and supported numerous private and publicly listed companies in an executive, non-executive and advisory capacity including managing director at KPMG.

“While he’s no stranger to us, having guided us through the last eight months as an adviser, it’s good to formally welcome Chris as chairman to new Bensons. His experience and contribution will be invaluable as we invest to grow,” Jackson said.

“He and my whole leadership team are looking forward to getting Bensons back on its feet. This is a good business with a bright future, and we’ll emerge from our restructuring, refocused, resilient and ready to press ahead with our transformation plans,” he said.

Meanwhile, Wykes joined the team earlier this year from bed and mattress manufacturer Sleepeezee where he was chief executive.

He is a chartered accountant and was previously on the board at Adova Group, the French based supplier of bedroom furniture and sofas.

Moreover, Alan Williams will continue to lead Bensons’ stores as managing director of retail.

Bensons stablemate Harveys was not bought out of administration in the rescue deal last month, while Bensons received a £25 million cash injection from Alteri as part of its pre-pack deal, which has gone to reinstating credit insurance with suppliers.

The retailer will also unveil a replatformed website later this month to monopolise on online growth, which surged during lockdown.

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  1. I worked for the company upto the 30/6/20, then basically told thats it. No notice given, no holiday pay only a recorded message on a conference call on that day, myself and 15 other members of staff in N.Ireland DC were made redundant. Now we find out that the company has been given a cash boost and sending drivers from across the water to deliver goods that our hard working staff could have done without hesitation. Very disappointed with the way the company held back in keeping there own people and not the ones who achieved 100% day in day out. Thanks

  2. Paid nearly 2 thousand for a new mattress which was not delivered on the scheduled date which resulted with our old mattress out in the rain and my 76 year old husband suffering for another month then next delivery date passed and so the suffering continues Travis Blezard has been totally useless and has failed to do anything he has promised to do and the manger of the shop we paid hasn’t a clue how to do a refund and the waiting game continues a shower of rubbish. Try Facebook they have a fabulous group where there are simply loads of people who have been treated like rubbish and the beds are rubbish and no one cares. Rubbish company what a way to treat the elderly

  3. Absolutely disgusting service I have been trying to get this issue resolved since January. They have cancelled delivery twice. Finally order was due to be delivered today we got a text this morning saying they would be with us between one and three. Husband took a day off work to be here he dismantled the bed cleared all the furniture out of the room ready for the new bed headboard mattress and two bedside tables to be delivered. At 13:32 van driver called said I won’t be coming because some nob head in the depot (his words not mine) hasn’t loaded the base on my van. I asked for the depot number and he couldn’t give it me because it’s against protocol and he was just the middle man that had to take all the flack for the idiots in the warehouse not loading his van proper I said it must be in the depot then they could put it on a sprinter and send along he said no the van will have been loaded since Thursday the warehouse crew don’t have a clue what they are doing and I have to cop for it all the time apparently it had happened a few times today. So I rang customer service and got no Customer service at all apparently due to covid my call couldn’t be taken. I rang back and selected the option for online sales and surprise surprise a man answered very quickly covid obviously hasn’t stopped them taking people’s orders covid just stops them giving customer service. I phoned the van driver back and said just deliver everything he had on the van for me and we would get the other stuff as a follow on order. He rang me back and said he couldn’t get to me because the road was flooded. I looked out of my bedroom window, from where I can see right to the top of the street and onto the road to find that the road was clear and also saw lots of cars vans and wagons driving up and coming down I told the driver this at which point he said I’ve got pictures of the road block and so won’t be coming. He then put the phone down so my husband then went out and drove our car right up to the top of the street to find nothing stopping traffic in our small car let alone a 7.5 tonne vehicle. We had phoned store and they then rang back to tell us the job had been signed off by the driver as undeliverable as items missing. He also told us that someone had put on notes that they had offered us a new delivery slot (a blatant lie as nobody had been in touch at all) they said in the notes that they offered us the 25th January but we had refused the date saying we wanted it the first week in February. REALLY I KID YOU NOT we have now tried approximately 40 times to get hold of customer service LAUGHABLE name for the shower of incompetent people. I am absolutely disgusting

  4. Benson for Beds are worse than dreadful …. breach of contract … inability to deliver anything on time … a CEO who it’s interested …. I pity the people who work there. To get my daughters bed I will issue a country court summons and if they fail to rely I’ll apply to have them wound up … they are a national menace


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