UK Consumer Survey Results

Consumer Survey Results – Win over UK Shoppers

You want to delight your customers. But where do you start? Listening to them and understanding what makes them tick is the best path to success.

For instance, 61% of UK shoppers said free delivery was a key factor that would make them return to an online retailer. Find out the other factors that drive consumer loyalty (and much more) in this report which examines survey results from over 2100 British respondents.

With more online shopping options available to consumers than ever, it’s important that retailers understand the consumer preferences that will make a customer choose their brand over a competitor.

This report covers:

  • eCommerce features that make consumers more likely to buy
  • The reasons a British shopper will avoid a retailer
  • Differences between UK shoppers and their international peers
  • Insights into British consumer views on environmental policies, automation, and more…

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