Thousands of Tesco shop managers in consultation via new restructure

Thousands of Tesco managers in consultation as part of new restructure
// Thousands of Tesco managers face job shake-up in a new review under CEO Ken Murphy
// Departments potentially impacted in the restructure include checkouts, fresh food and F&F clothing label
// Tesco says there will be no enforced redundancies or demotions

Tesco has reportedly launched a consultation process with thousands of managers of in-store departments as part of a new restructuring scheme.

According to The Grocer, Tesco is reviewing its superstores and Extra stores, but Retail Gazette understands no redundancies will be made.

Departments potentially impacted in the review include checkouts, fresh food and Tesco’s own-brand F&F clothing label.


Tesco reportedly wants to replace department manager roles with team manager or lead manager positions, to give staff greater responsibilities for different areas of its stores.

The Big 4 grocer said there would be no enforced redundancies or demotions because of the restructure, and that the changes would vary depending on store sizes.

The restructure would mark the first of its kind under Ken Murphy, who became Tesco’s new chief executive late last year.

“The way our customers shop with us is changing and so is the way we need to manage our stores,” a Tesco spokesperson said.

“We are making some changes to our store management structures to ensure that our stores are set up to best serve our customers and support our colleagues.

“All managers will be offered alternative management roles.”

The news comes after rival grocer Sainsbury’s this week revealed cost-cutting plans that places 1150 jobs at risk, including at least 500 head office job cuts, while Asda said last week it was consulting with 5000 staff as part if a major restructure.

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  1. About time there are far to many management in tesco stores getting paid for doing nothing get rid of them all and leave it to team leaders these are the workforce of tesco as well as the people on tills

  2. Sorry no,totally disagree I worked for Tesco for thirteen years and let me tell you how hard all the management team worked as well as team leaders. Totally gutted when I got made redundant people always think the grass is greener but it’s not Carryon what your doing serving British people better every day.

  3. When i started for tesco 16years ago we had 6different contracts for same jobs running at the same time. Inequality was and always has been part of the tesco culture.I received a 3.1 percent pay rise and lost 400 ponds a year due to them taking premiums for working night shift away. bonus culture is greed culture proven by when dave lewis stood down,phillip clarke received a bonus od 10 . 5 million even though he left company 5 years previous. hope leigh day sticks it to them.

  4. Seeing my team leaders not managers being demoted because of this new change who have worked at tescos for 20 years is a kick in the teeth after the year we have just had. Theyve helped us cope with the massive increase in capacity with no help from the big decison makers at the top of the company. Its been extreamly hard and stressful for normal staff to managers and we are understaffed in one of the biggest extra stores in the uk. The amount of sales tesco has made has probably straight up doubled, and this is how they thank their staff. Watching this happen ill be surpised if it is the last hole in the ship we can cover before the entire operation sinks

  5. I worked at Tesco for a short time & it is one of the rare companies that seem to look after their staff rather than treat them like crap. I will say there was a couple of newly promoted people I encountered and in all honestly they should never have been given the opportunity as they would not take responsibility & make decisions & just shrugged their shoulders & said “what do you want me to do?”. I have also encountered newly promoted staff that thoroughly deserved their promotion .


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