Ecommerce gift card strategy: Learnings from over 50 household name brands

The UK’s gift card market is exploding, with a current value of £6.9 billion. To capture their share of this growing market and reap the benefits of gift cards, merchants need a proactive strategy. To support retailers on their gift card journey, NAPCO Research, in conjunction with Blackhawk Network, have evaluated the ecommerce gift card strategies of over 50 brands and highlighted what businesses are doing well and what they could improve.

This report from NAPCO Research and Blackhawk Network provides retailers with an effective framework to seize the online opportunities gift cards can bring, from increasing sales, customer loyalty and brand awareness, as well as engaging new markets.

Some key findings from the research include:

  • The brands evaluated include Odeon, Marks and Spencer and H&M, but Amazon has the most effective gift card strategy, scoring 85% overall
  • Retailers routinely provided a weaker gift card purchase and recipient experience within their mobile app, with many not offering gift cards in their apps at all
  • Personalisation is the weak link when it comes to digital gift cards. Advanced personalisation options that should be considered include specialised faceplates, personal photographs or video content

To find out how you can bolster your ecommerce gift card strategy, and take inspiration from over 50 household names, download your free copy of the report below!

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