Retail CEO pay: which bosses get paid the most?

Retail CEO pay: Which bosses get paid the most?
Retail CEO pay: Which bosses get paid the most?

Executive pay has hit the headlines of late after it emerged that Tesco boss Ken Murphy was paid a whopping £4.74m last year.

Murphy’s pay packet swelled due to a £3.21 million bonus – the highest yearly reward paid out by the supermarket since 2016 – which was awarded as Tesco’s profits doubled in its last financial year.

However, the supermarket has faced criticism for paying out such a substantial figure at a time when the cost-of-living crisis is hitting both its workers and customers.

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said: “Tesco workers and customers will be stunned at these levels of remuneration when they are struggling to keep food on the table in the cost of living crisis.

“Pay inequality has gone much too far. A Tesco customer assistant would have to work for 267 years to get what the Tesco boss was paid for just one year. It’s time we had maximum pay ratios to bring some fairness back.”

It is not just Tesco that has faced a backlash over executive pay. Next came under fire last week for the hefty bonus awarded to chief executive Lord Wolfson, whose £4.4million pay packet included an annual bonus worth 100% of his basic salary.

Meanwhile, earlier this month 30% of Ocado shareholders voted against a bonus plan that could see CEO Tim Steiner take home £100 million over the next five years.

With remuneration such a hot topic, Retail Gazette delves into the latest annual reports of the UK’s biggest listed companies to find out what retail CEOs were paid last year.

Retail CEO pay

wdt_ID Retailer CEO/exec chair Total pay Fixed pay Variable pay, incl bonuses Year end
1 JD Sports Peter Cowgill £5.00m £704k £4.30m 30/01/2021
2 Tesco Ken Murphy £4.75m £1.54m £3.21m 26/02/2022
3 Next Lord Wolfson £4.38m £1.07m £3.31m 29/01/2022
4 Dunelm Nick Wilkinson £4.04m £658k £3.384m 26/06/2021
5 ABF (Primark) George Weston £3.39m £1.49m £1.91m 18/09/2021
6 B&M Simon Arora £3.62m £815k £2.81m 27/03/2021
7 Curry's plc Alex Baldock £2.98m £962k £2.02m 01/05/2021
8 Kingfisher Thierry Garnier £2.62m £958k £1.66m 31/01/2022
9 Halfords Graham Stapleton £2.43m £666k £1.76m 02/04/2021
10 Burberry Marco Gobbetti £2.25m £1.50m £750k 27/03/2021
11 Pets at Home Peter Pritchard £2.14m £515k £1.63m 25/03/2021
12 DFS Tim Stacey £2.01m £492k £1.52m 27/06/2021
13 Ocado Tim Steiner £1.97m £785k £1.18m 28/11/2021
14 Asos Nick Beighton £1.89m £707k £1.17m 31/08/2021
15 Wickes David Wood £1.42m £426k £990k 01/01/2022
16 Boohoo John Lyttle £1.39m £676k £713k 28/02/2022
17 Mulberry Thierry Andretta £1.27m £1.10m £168k 27/03/2021
18 Watches of Switzerland Brian Duffy £1.22m £503k £719k 02/05/2021
19 WHSmith Carl Cowling £1.18m £633k £550k 31/08/2021
20 Marks & Spencer Steve Rowe £1.07m £1.07m 0 27/03/2021
21 Ao World John Roberts £977k £524k £452k 31/03/2021
22 Naked Wines Nick Devlin £917k £324k £593k 29/03/2021
23 Sainsbury's Simon Roberts* £875k £875k 0 06/03/2021
24 Moonpig Nickyl Raithatha £870k £207 £662k 30/04/2021
25 N Brown Group Steve Johnson £737k £456k £281k 27/02/2021
26 Topps Tiles Rob Parker £683k £463k £220k 02/10/2021
27 Superdry Julian Dunkerton £594k £594k 0 24/04/2021
28 Ted Baker Rachel Osborne £592k £592k 0 30/01/2021
29 McColl's Retail Group Jonathan Miller £588k £588k 0 29/11/2020
30 Joules Nick Jones £450k £450k 0 30/05/2021
31 Shoezone Anthony Smith £386k £175k £561k 02/10/2021
32 The Works Gavin Peck £303k £303k 0 02/05/2021
33 Hotel Chocolat Angus Thirlwell £247k £247k 0 27/06/2021
34 Virgin Wines Jay Wright £233k £233k 0 30/06/2021
35 Quiz Tarak Ramzan £195k £195k 0 31/03/2021
36 Frasers Group Mike Ashley** 0 0 0 25/04/2021

*Simon Roberts appointed 1/6/20

**Mike Ashley has not taken a salary since Sports Direct’s IPO in 2007

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