Superdrug partners with Jack Monroe to help customers ‘shop smart’ through cost-of-living crisis

Superdug is working with poverty campaigner and activist, Jack Monroe to help customers make smart choices in beauty and personal care shopping
• Superdrug is supporting colleagues with a range of employee initiatives including enhanced staff discounts, better fuel rate expenses and new financial webinars.
// Superdrug is working with poverty campaigner and activist, Jack Monroe to help customers make smart choices in beauty and personal care shopping
// A further 30 products will be added to Superdrug’s ‘Price Freeze Promise’, with 130 Own Brand essentials now frozen in price for the year

Superdrug has launched its new Shop Smart campaign in partnership with poverty campaigner and activist Jack Monroe, to help customers navigate the growing cost of living crisis.

With 80% of Superdrug customers admitting the need to switch to cheaper brands, the retailer is adding a further 30 products to its Price Freeze Promise – a commitment to freeze the prices of 130 everyday essential items across personal care, beauty and healthcare, to reassure customers that own brand prices won’t rise for at least a year.

The Shop Smart campaign will help customers understand how to keep costs down across beauty and personal care routines, as hygiene poverty rises at an alarming rate across the country.


Together Superdrug and Jack want to make sure people have access to the basic dignities in life, through a number of initiatives and offers.

Jack Monroe said “There’s been a lot of discussion recently around soaring energy costs and rising food bills, and the cost of toiletries and personal care essentials are also rising steeply, which leaves many people unable to afford the basics needed for personal health hygiene and dignity,”

“It’s embarrassing to not be able to afford things that others might take for granted, like soap, tampons, deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo and hygiene poverty is fast becoming a hidden impact of the Cost of Living crisis. That’s why the work Superdrug is doing here is so needed and I hope that by sharing some ‘Shop Smart’ tips together that we can help in some small way.”

The health and beauty retailer is also working hard to support its staff through the cost of living crisis and is introducing a series of employee initiatives to look after the financial wellbeing of colleagues nationwide.

Superdrug employees receive a minimum of 30% off Own Brand items and 10% off Branded products, but the retailer will be building discounts out further to cover more areas of everyday spending.

Fuel reimbursement has moved to above the HMRC advisory rate and the taxable element will be covered, to better support those who travel for work. Teams will also soon be offered bespoke webinars in areas such as pensions, budgeting and financial well-being.

Superdrug Chief Commercial Officer Simon Comins said: “Superdrug’s vision has always been to make health and beauty accessible to all. With rising cost of living, we wanted to act quickly to ensure our colleagues are well looked after and our customers well supported. We don’t believe shoppers should have to compromise when it comes to their health and beauty purchases, so our Price Freeze Promise is committed for a year on 130 Own Brand essential items. Despite rising cost of goods, we also remain committed to offering all of our customers discounted Star Buys and our Health and Beautycard users, member only pricing.”

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