Argos faces calls to include gender-neutral title in order forms

Argos was first approached in 2011 to add Mx to its online order forms
// Argos faces petition to add gender-neutral title Mx to its order forms
// The Sainsbury’s-owned retailer responded to queries saying it would be “looked into”

Argos is facing a petition that demands it to add the gender-neutral title Mx to its order forms.

Over 200 people have signed the petition, which was launched by non-binary activist Tom Pashby.

Argos was first approached in 2011 to add Mx to its online order forms, but it still has not made the change.

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The Sainsbury’s-owned retailer has responded to queries saying it would be “looked into” and that “no further update” would be provided.

Pashby said earlier this month that they had to “misgender” themselves to receive deliveries from Argos.

“I decided it was time to put my campaigns and communications skills to use, mainly with the selfish aim of being able to use forms without having to think about my own gender, but also to make life easier for fellow non-binary and agender people,” they said.

“When I saw Argos had changed their logo in June this year to incorporate the Pride flag, including the trans pride colours, I was hopeful that this meant they had chosen to include Mx after years of requests from non-binary people, including public calls from my campaign Include Mx.

“Regrettably, this was not the case. Their online order forms still require you to choose a title from Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms and Dr. If you’re a man, imagine not seeing a masculine title (Mr) and having to select from Mrs, Miss, Ms or Dr?

Sainsbury’s said on Twitter that it wants to be an inclusive retailer “where everyone feels welcome”.

“Some of our colleagues and customers have told us they would like to use a gender-neutral title when they work and shop with us,” the grocer wrote.

Sainsbury’s responded to Pashby’s demands on Twitter confirming its intention to add Mx to its order forms but also said that it needs to go further and “offer this across our entire business”.

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