Wednesday, January 23, 2019 to launch social media loyalty scheme


Online retailer is to launch a new loyalty scheme which will reward customers who share and support the company via social media platforms, it has been announced today.

SuperPoints will be awarded to customers to use across all of the retailer‘s multichannel platforms in the hopes of incentivising customer interaction.

Adam Stewart, Director of Marketing at Play, explained the potential strength of such an initiative.

“We are taking further steps in the development of our new loyalty scheme, SuperPoints, across the whole of Rakuten‘s website and channels.

“Specifically, our Facebook environment will soon allow customers to earn SuperPoints as a reward for specific social behaviours. This is alongside the everyday earning of SuperPoints across all purchases from our website that you get today.

“This connection of SuperPoints into Facebook is an exciting new mechanic and will take loyalty to the next level as the channel and fans support to amplify our brand experience, and we reward our fans for this behaviour.”

Rakuten‘s Play recently revealed data quantifying the power of a Facebook ‘Like‘, noting that the average value of an engaged customer is 24 per cent higher than non-fans, while it has seen year-on-year sales via Facebook jump 80 per cent.

Stewart believes that Facebook fans can be more valuable to a brand than those gained from paid-for channels, adding that intelligently engaging with these users helped the company attract over £2 million of sales in 2011 that can be directly attributed to Facebook.

“The research that we revealed last week showed that Rakuten‘s are working really hard to understand how our social community engage with us through different platforms,” said Stewart.

“We want to take next steps in rewarding our fans for brand advocacy and it provides us with the fan insight to create a more personalised experience within our Facebook environment, our CRM marketing activity and also on our website.

“We believe that doing this will help us to continue to grow our community of fans which can have real impact on business results for our company.”