Topman “resolving” copying claims

High street retailer Topman has confirmed today that it is “resolving” an issue with a young designer who claimed earlier this week that the youth fashion brand had copied her designs.

Last Sunday, designer and illustrator Kate Moross took to micro-blogging site Twitter to lambast the Arcadia-owned retailer for stealing a print featured on one of her sweatshirts, posting a comparison picture and alleging that poor pay from high street retailers forces some young creatives to steal original work.

Commenting on her discovery, Moross said on Twitter: “Hey Topman look forward to hearing from my lawyers. Ripping off independent designers has to stop.”

Last month, Arcadia settled a legal dispute with British fashion label Fred Perry, which argued that the group had infringed its trademark rights by stocking a jumper in Topshop which featured its small laurel wreath embroidered on the front, strongly resembling Fred Perry‘s famous logo.

Last year, the retailer also caused another Twitter storm as a result of one of its T-shirts, which some claimed trivialised domestic violence as it contained the words: “I‘m sorry but” followed by a list stating “you provoked me; I was drunk; I hate you; I couldn‘t help it,” with a box next to “I was drunk” ticked.

Commenting on the angry reaction on Twitter at the time, Topman agreed to remove the offending garment from stores and online though in this instance the retailer stressed that it hopes to an amicable end to the debacle.

Topman said in a statement: “We can confirm that we are in direct contact with Kate Moross and are working together to resolve the matter.


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