Amazon tops customer satisfaction index


Customers have named Amazon as their favourite online retailer in the ForeSee Online Retail Satisfaction Index, it was announced today.

Amazon‘s UK and US websites scored 86 and 84 out of 100 respectively, putting the websites first and second on the customer satisfaction leader board.

Also popular with online shoppers were John Lewis, with a score of 80 points, (79), Apple (77), and Asda Direct (77).

The lowest-scoring retailer in the index was, which scored only 61 points, and Netflix also fared poorly with a score of 68 points.

As highly satisfied shoppers are 62 per cent more likely to buy again from the same retailer than dissatisfied shoppers, scoring well on the index could reap rewards for retailers.

ForeSee, which has been analysing customers‘ Christmas shopping experience for six years, estimates that a one-point satisfaction increase in the index predicts a 14 per cent increase in the log of revenues generated on the web.

Debenhams and B&Q were the most-improved online retailers in terms of customer satisfaction, both improving their score by four points to 76 and 71 respectively.

Commenting on the results, Foresee‘s CEO, Larry Freed, said: “Christmas has always been a critical time of the year for retailers, but the growth in online shopping this year now means that retail websites are more essential than ever.

“For these sites to be competitive, a laser-like focus on the customer experience is paramount.

“There is a powerful and quantifiable relationship between a positive customer experience online and increased loyalty, sales, and recommendations – online retailers would do well to sit up and pay attention to this research methodology.

“By understanding customers‘ needs and expectations, they will be able to survive and thrive in 2013 and beyond.”


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