Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Face Match technology launched by Facebook co-founder

Jumio, the mobile management company, today announced the launch of its Face Match technology, which will allow its customers to assess how an online or mobile ID presented matches the customer‘s face.

“Our new Face Match technology provides another layer of safety and convenience for Netverify clients,” said Daniel Mattes, founder and CEO, Jumio. “We can now not only determine that the actual identification is in-hand and valid, but that the person holding the card is the same person as in the picture. This renders “person-not-present” transactions to be effectively as secure, or more so, than a traditional “person present” transaction. This is an important step in combatting fraud and helping our clients meet a variety of KYC regulations and practices.”

Businesses using Netverify with Face Match, which was launched by Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, add two “primary source” authentication factors to their account origination or transaction security protocols. In addition to standard username and password (something you know), Jumio adds scanning and validation of original ID credentials (something you have) and Face Match (something you are) to deliver a comprehensive, near real-time consumer authentication experience.

“With Netverify we can identify and authenticate customers in near real time, with a degree of confidence that was previously unattainable with online transactions,” said Jesse Powell, founder and CEO, Payward, a Jumio Netverify customer. “Given this new level of fraud protection, we are able to safeguard accounts, while increasing ease of use for end user customers at the same time.”


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