Sofa chain CSL rebrands as Sofaworks as it plans to increase estate by a third

Family-owned sofa chain CSL has rebranded to Sofaworks as it predicts it will reach end-of-year sales of £100m for the first time.

The retailer, which has 26 UK stores, is embarking on a strategy to “differentiate its culture and multi-channel proposition” from other furniture stores.

As well as a new website, Sofaworks is launching an app and has developed its own line of sofas for the first time and is already stocking exclusive product ranges.

Sofaworks is planning to open nine new stores during 2014 in areas such as Slough, Paisley and Solihull which will increase its estate by a third.

The news follows Sofaworks‘ appointment of Kevin Snowball, formerly of Lloyds Pharmacy, as Head of Retail.

Jason Tyldesley, chief executive of Sofaworks, said: “The change in our name reflects this different approach and the relaxed, friendly and helpful atmosphere people will find in-store. Unlike other retailers, we know that when people are shopping the last thing they want is the hard sell.”


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