Super Shoppers account for 70% of UK retail spend, says eBay/Deloitte


Super Shoppers account for 70 per cent of UK retail spending whilst making up just 18 per cent of shoppers, according to a new report.

The report from eBay, which analysed sales from 21 leading European retailers and questioned 2000 adults in the UK and Germany, concluded that smartphones and tablets are “transforming shopping” and are creating a “demanding and connected shopper” who wants to shop at any time, anywhere and using any device.

The study revealed the following:

  • Super Shoppers are busy. They‘re starting, pausing and resuming purchase journeys across channels as they fit shopping into their busy lives. They are benefitting from seamless shopping experiences as they decide when and where they shop, through features like stock checking and click and collect, and brands‘ mobile and social media offers.

  • Super Shoppers are savvy. They are 30 per cent more likely to do their research online before visiting a store. The value of these purchases can be up to 50 per cent more than those purchased through a single channel.

  • Super Shoppers are mobile. They are also almost twice as likely to shop on a smartphone or tablet – comparing prices and browsing online ranges while browsing in store.

eBay says this creates additional opportunities for retailers and cites previous research that found 38 per cent of consumers say they are likely to make an additional purchase whilst ‘Click and Collecting‘.

When making purchases of over £100, 63 per cent of shoppers use multiple shopping channels to help inform their decision or make their purchase.

74 per cent of consumers use third party sources such as online marketplaces, review and price comparison sites as part of their purchase journey. 29 per cent of internet users follow brands on social media, and 22 per cent claim to be influenced by a retailer/brand‘s social media presence.

“Customers fully expect your store and online channels to be joined up and can have little patience if they aren‘t. For example, they want to collect in store or return via the store, even if they bought online. Retailers will be working this year to introduce new omnichannel services such as pay via mobile in store, Click & Collect, ‘order ahead‘ and ‘ship to store‘”, commented Tanya Lawler, Vice President of eBay in the UK.