Friday, February 22, 2019

Half of shoppers want tablets to help them in-store


Half of shoppers want sales assistants to be equipped with tablets to help find the product they need in the shortest possible time, a survey has found.

The majority of shoppers have never experienced tablet services in-store but know what they want.

The study,of 2000, by technology firm Omnico showed half want staff to use tablets to check additional inventory if the shelf is empty, whilst 53 per cent want to check inventory in nearby stores.

The high street is in crisis with sales falling year-on-year as cheaper and more convenient internet shopping continues to hit sales and footfall.

One in eight shops remain vacant across the UK, according to the Local Data Company. “We are still seeing the drawdown of the major chain retailers,” said Matthew Hopkinson, director.

But it is hoped that in-store technology will tempt shoppers back onto the high-street. Retailers that currently use tablets in-store include Dune Group, Apple and Sephora while Marks and Spencer rolled out 700 multi-touch kiosks in a bid to reduce queuing times.

Steve Thomas, CTO of Omnico Group makes the point that if customers can browse, check stock and pay on a mobile device from the comfort of their homes, then they should be able to do the same in-store, too.

“Retail customers are not asking for the Earth; but rather for a fuss-free service that saves time, increases convenience and improves their overall experience,” he said