Saturday, April 10, 2021

Lush saving £1m using in-store analytics to drive sales

Cosmetics brand Lush is giving its shop floor staff access to data analytics to tap into their “ambitious natures” and to drive competition between stores.

Using business platform QlikView across its entire workforce, Lush says the technology improves customer service as staff can see if particular products are doing well in other stores.

“At Lush, our colleagues are naturally very inquisitive people and giving them access to data means they can find ways to improve performance to do a better job,” said Scott Silverthorn, Head of Data Services. “We selected QlikView Business Discovery as it‘s a very easy system for all of our staff to use, even with varying levels of technical experience.”

Lush says it has saved £1m using the system.

The retailer recently switched to Google Apps such as Docs and Hangout after it said it was spending “at least eight hours a week dealing with IT issues”

Cee Chan ex-IT manager at Lush said in a blog on Google Enterprise: “It also feels good knowing we are decreasing our footprint by getting rid of our on-site infrastructure and becoming more energy efficient.”


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