Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Waterstones removed barrier between sales and customers with new Omnico Group system

Waterstones has reduced its till estate creating more shopping space but customer waiting time is not compromised due to a new and better performing point of sale system supplied by Omnico Group.

Omnico Group has installed around one thousand systems across all 300 Waterstones stores. The Toccare PoS Systems enables the bookseller to process payments quickly and easily look up items. Waterstones is now also able to train booksellers in around 20 minutes which suits the retailer are they hire extra temporary staff during peak trade seasons such as Christmas.

Waterstones previous payment system was outdated compared to their competitors. Constantly diverting the staff‘s attention and acting as a barrier between them and the customers. Waiting times at till points are a constant issue in todays technological era and companies are introducing many ways to overcome waiting time for customers.

The new slim touchscreen design means counters are smaller leaving more store space for stock as well as bring the customer and seller closer together. The retailers mission is to be the leading bookseller on the high street and online. Waterstones strives to stand out by being a haven for those that truly love books. They aim to provide the widest choice, great value and expert advice that interests and excites their customers inspiring them to read. No tow Waterstone shops are the same so each store has their own unique range profile and space. With the sales team being key to their store promise the ‘Recommended‘ bays in store reflect this as they are genuine staff picks.

Both Waterstones and Omnico group have worked closely together before with their loyalty and gift card data, a new system being added to the collection is resulting has resulted in a strong relationship being built between the two. The system will hugely benefit the store by bringing them to date with other stores technology thereby giving staff the ability to primarily focus on building customer relations and a friendly atmosphere.


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