Tuesday, October 20, 2020

JD Williams will close in on multichannel marketing


In an attempt to increase the company‘s customer awareness, fashion retailer J D Williams has selected Teradata Aster, a data analytics and marketing applications company, to concentrate efforts on its multichannel offering.

With other success stories including, BT Fresca, Coca Cola, EA electronics and eBay, the UK‘s leading direct home shopping company plans to take its next step with the firm. By deploying the power of the Teradata Aster Discovery Platform , the company will be able to determine the behaviour of millions of individual customers, through conducting web path analysis and product association analysis.

J D Williams makes up part of the N Brown group, which also owns Figleaves and SimblyBe. The parent company saw a disappointing end to 2014, as the biggest faller in the FTSE 350, putting figures down to “unseasonable weather”. This resulted in profits £15m less than analysts expected in October 2014, while JD Williams saw a negative growth of -3%.

Instead of dwelling on last year‘s figures, J D Williams is focusing on what it can do to improve in 2015. The company saw its highest ever traffic to the site in 2014, something it aims to focus on this year, alongside its primary aim – to improve customer satisfaction.

Through obtaining further customer knowledge, the company has already launched its “Over 50 Shades of Grey” campaign, in response to the YouGov campaign that suggested three out of five women over 50 feel underrepresented in the media. A spokesperson stated, “our research also discovered that 52% of UK women feel most confident aged 45+, so what better way to showcase that confidence by featuring mature models aged 50+ looking just as fantastic.” JD Williams will be able to track the success of the campaign through the Teradata Aster Big Analytics Appliance.

The fashion company already has years‘ worth of data stored with Teradata, allowing the firm to easily follow customer trends. Gareth Powell, Head of Web Analytics at J D Williams, believes that following a consumers journey is fundamental to further developing the company:

“With more than half of our customers buying online, we want the most complete picture of each customer‘s journey and how they engage to understand how marketing expenditure influences such engagement”.

Teradata Aster Big Analytics is a “powerful ready-to-run platform” that is optimised specifically for big data storage and analysis. JD Williams will use the firm to target its 2m customers, with plans to boost profit through strategic multichannel marketing.


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