Saturday, February 23, 2019

Are the days of ineffective call centres numbered?


Before social media, any beef that consumers had with retailers was dealt with in private. Now, customers have an open outlet to pen their frustrations and repel others, so a nimble method of dealing with the additional communication is imperative.

A new web app that launched last week claims it can give consumers a real voice in the crowd when they demand effective customer service – and it could save UK business millions.For the customers, the app means that frustrating wait time spent on the phone to a call centre will be a thing of the past.

The new technology, called CROWDS, allows customers to use their Twitter account to ask a question, raise an issue, or make a complaint about product or a service. In return, instead of just an answer from an employee, a fellow, sympathetic customer can respond as the tweet is picked-up by the technology and redirected..

CROWDS is the latest online offering from Conversocial, a specialist in creating applications which allow companies to use social media as a customer service channel. CROWDS technology is the first time the power of social media is being embraced to create an effective alternative to the traditional dial-in call centre to deal with customer issues.

CROWDS allows businesses to enlist enthusiastic members of their online community who can be put in touch with any consumer interested in discussing their products or services.

CROWDS is the brainchild of Conversocial‘s founder, internet entrepreneur Joshua March, who believes are now living in “the age of the Trust Economy where millions of conversations on social media can be turned into a valuable and precious resource.”

March, who founded Conversocial. in 2010, says this revolution will change the way companies interact with their customers.

“The explosion in social media applications means the world is coming together online. It gives people the opportunity to share their passions and experience on anything,” March continues. “The trust economy is opening a pathway for a down-to-earth, effective customer service which lives in the cloud. It is giving consumers a voice.”

Conversocial is an engine behind the social customer service revolution where consumer complaints, queries and questions are dealt with through social media.It gives businesses the opportunity to enhance and improve its customer service as well as reducing the costs of caring for the customer, brands it currently partners with include Hertz, Tesco, Barclaycard.