Friday, August 12, 2022

Lush introduces Wi-Fi across stores

Hand-made cosmetics retailer Lush is rolling out a Wi-Fi solution across its 105 UK stores, in a bid to drive customer engagement and educate shoppers around its ethical products and campaigns.  Managed by network provider Vodat International, the move consolidates Lush‘s IT infrastructure through one company.

This year Lush is celebrating 20 years in business, which have seen the retailer‘s ongoing commitment to a range of welfare topics, from human rights to animal testing. The in-store Wi-Fi system will enable the brand to engage with shoppers through digital signage and social media as well as educating staff on these subjects.

Using a segregated Service Set Identifier (SSID) connection with Vodat‘s inherent built-in security, Lush is able to balance connection bandwidth between store and customer usage depending on demand.  This could mean up weighting stores for staff training or allowing customer devices to stream live feeds from events at other Lush locations.

Subhash Sreedharan, Global Head of Technology at Lush said “In Lush stores we are focusing on simplifying and enhancing the customer experience as well as encouraging shoppers to further understand our ethos and campaign work using digital technology. 

Lush was recently named ‘the top high street shop‘ for the second year running in Which? magazine‘s annual retail survey.


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