Samsung shows how retailers can make the most of digital displays


Samsung is offering retailers the chance to use their in-store digital signage to track the behaviour of customers through Wi-Fi signals from smartphones.

The global electronics manufacturer has partnered with Walkbase, an in-store analytics provider. In-store screens will be able to record the paths customers take, what they look at and when they arrive, thus providing data for the stores on their shoppers‘ behaviour, which can then be used to decide how digital advertising can be utilised most effectively.

“Our technology exists to enable retailers to understand their shoppers‘ behaviour far better when they enter a store” said Adrian James, UK Managing Director at Walkbase.

“With Wi-Fi analytics, we can accurately measure ad impressions, such as how many people see an ad at any given time, and what were the subsequent behavioural patterns within the entire store. This means we can give retailers more granular data than ever before, helping them to understand how the in-store experience impacts conversion and to tailor advertising accordingly – creating the ultimate personal experience for the customer.”

This technology is already being used by Topshop. Samsung and Walkbase have revealed that a number of major retail and food brands have shown interest and discussions are underway.