Ikea trumps Osbourne with living wage increase


Staff at Ikea will have an extra reason to celebrate on Friday as the company announced that it will be raising the wages of all employees above the upcoming National Living Wage.

The Swedish furniture giant will pay its 6,100 UK ‘co-workers‘ a minimum of £8.25 nationally and £9.40 in London, beating the £7.20 that workers over the age of 25 will be entitled to with George Osbourne‘s National Living Wage. Ikea‘s 1,200 team leaders will also receive a proportionate pay rise.

“Introducing the Living Wage is an investment we are incredibly proud to be making, particularly as our co-workers have told us about the real impacts and positive benefits this will have on their lives,” said Pernille Haild, HR Manager for Ikea UK.

“For example, co-workers have said that they will be able to save for a mortgage, help pay for their children‘s university fees or extra-curricular school activities, pay the household bills and be able to travel and enjoy life more.”