Saturday, September 19, 2020

Loyalty scheme launched for ‘Lidlers‘


Lidl has launched a new loyalty scheme, both to provide the best content for its ‘Lidlers‘ and to differentiate itself from rivals.

Loyalty schemes are common among Britain‘s supermarket chains, though Lidl is seeking to set its new ‘My Lidl‘ service apart by giving it a cooking content focus. Users will be able to rate and discuss products in a dedicated Lidl forum, incentivised by exclusive content from Kevin Love, a former Lidl store manager and a Michelin Star winning chef.

“We‘re extremely excited about the launch of our new online community ‘My Lidl‘ to the public and welcome new members to join,” a Lidl spokesperson said. “The platform is dedicated to our loyal ‘Lidlers‘ allowing them to chat, leave product reviews and stay up-to-date with the latest news from the business.”

This scheme is a sign of the progress Lidl has made in the UK supermarket industry. Lidl and Aldi have consistently taken ground from more well established competitors, and now account for 10% of the UK‘s supermarket sales. 


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