Thursday, January 21, 2021

Undelivered online purchases cost UK consumers £250 million last year

New research conducted by home insurance firm Direct Line has shown that 3.6 million shoppers ordered packages online that never arrived in the past year.

The cost of these missing items is estimated to be £250 million, with the average package valued at £68. 

However, for 10 per cent of those shoppers the average price of lost packages was £300.

Twenty-two per cent of online shoppers had multiple packages go missing. 

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In the last five years 18 million people have had undelivered or missing packages, making up a significant 41 per cent of the UK‘s online shoppers.

It is believed this is due to consumers‘ reluctance to ask for packages to be left with their neighbours. 

Of the 2000 online shoppers surveyed, 32 per cent claimed their neighbour would not be around for collection while 45 per cent claimed they didn‘t want to burden them with a package.

Fourteen per cent have said they did not trust their neighbours while five per cent said they explicitly asked drivers not to leave their package with an untrustworthy neighbour. 

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