Thursday, February 21, 2019

ASOS the first retailer to sign up to Bring In Your Parents day


ASOS has become the retailer in the UK to sign up to LinkedIn‘s global Bring In Your Parents initiative, and other retailers are encouraged to come on board.

Bring In Your Parents Day is on November 4, an annual event which sees employees bring in their parents to work to show them what they do for a living and to see their workplace.

First held four years ago, the initiative came about after research revealed that one and three parents had no idea what their children actually do for work.

More than 30 companies have already signed up to take advantage of the opportunity to engage employees by improving understanding between staff and their parents, with ASOS the first retailer to do so.

“Bring In Your Parents is a great initiative for us here,” ASOS talent and engagement partner Holly Middlemiss said.

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“Being an online-only global company, we have such a huge variation of different roles across our business and often create new positions which didn‘t exist a few years ago to cater to the quickly evolving industry.

“When chatting to our ASOSers about family they often say ‘my parents or loved ones have no idea what I do‘, so Bring In Your Parents is a great opportunity to show the most important people in our lives what we do every day.”

The initiative was also founded as a way of encouraging greater sharing of skills across generations and a small step connecting older workers with new opportunities in the workplace.

“By helping people to re-engage with the world of work we can not only say ‘thank you‘ to our parents for supporting us in our careers, but we can also help to inspire people to look again at career opportunities and to share their skills and experience more widely,” LinkedIn‘s Darain Faraz said.

LinkedIn‘s Bring In Your Parents Day will be held in 16 other countries around the world.

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