Tuesday, April 13, 2021

“I‘m a nightmare for PR” Mike Ashley exclaims on BBC Breakfast

The Sports Direct founder and billionaire appeared on BBC Breakfast this morning attempting to smooth over some of the PR disasters that have been plaguing him and his company for the last few months. 

Despite admitting he was not adept at the PR game, he made a torrent of controversial statements. 



When questioned about working practices in this company, Ashley explained that he simply didn’t know. 

“You‘d be surprised how little I knew – and that‘s where the failing was… Should I known more, yes? Did I know what was happening? Absolutely not,” he said.



He also said he preferred to travel to work by helicopter due to efficiency.

“I don‘t get paid a salary, but I do like to go by private plane – it saves a lot of time and is very efficient,” he said.

“Then people say: ‘How can you have a plane when your workers are on minimum wage?‘




When pushed on the minimum wage Ashley offered the defense that as the government sets the minimum wage, he is not responsible.

This follows this morning‘s announcement that the company has final agreed to an independent review into working practices. 

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