Saturday, June 25, 2022

M&S agree to increase financial support for affected staff

Marks & Spencer has finalised its consultation on the pay changes which yesterday saw MPs and council members demonstrate against it.

The department store chain announced this morning that it would go ahead with the proposed pay premiums and pension changes, but with improved financial support.

This means that the controversial cuts to Sunday and bank holiday pay, which according to Labour MP Siobhain McDonagh will “detrimentally impact 2700 staff members”, will still go ahead.

Siobhain McDonagh MP (centre) lead the demonstration against pay changes yesterday

However, the “significant” financial support offered by M&S seeks to ensure that those who are missing out on pay due to these changes are compensated.

In their original proposal, M&S stated they would top up the pay of anyone who would be detrimentally affected by the pay changes until April 2019. Meaning the effects would not be felt on staff for three years.

This morning‘s final statement says that those who are affected by the pay changes in 2019/2020 will now receive additional support in the form of a top up payment of 50 per cent of their reduction in pay and be offered guaranteed hours to make up the remaining 50 per cent.

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M&S said these additional hours were optional and the “vast majority of colleagues in this group would only need to work an additional 45 minutes a week to make up their pay to 2015/16 levels”.

“In subsequent years an additional top up payment and guaranteed hours will be offered annually until a colleague‘s pay reaches 2015/16 levels as a result of other potential changes in wages,” the company said in a press release.

Customer assistants will also be getting a 14.7 per cent pay rise to £8.50 from April 2017.

The Retail Gazette has contacted McDonagh’s office for further comment.

In a media release she said: “While we are obviously glad that the new offer is better with regard to pay compensation packages, it still falls short…they will earn no more money in three years‘ time than they do today.

“How is that fair? M&S is saying that no employee will be worse off as a result of these changes. Who thinks their gas bills, electricity bills and their rent, and travel fares will be the same in 2019/2020 as they are today?”

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