Friday, January 28, 2022

Retail Gazette’s weekly snapshot

The Top 5 Most-Read Stories of the Week

#1: Asda’s unhygienic deliveries exposed on BBC Watchdog

Six out of 10 Asda deliveries were dirty or worse, according to a major undercover investigation set to air on BBC One‘s Watchdog earlier this week. 

The BBC‘s consumer rights programme was prompted to investigate the issue after it had received several complaints from the public about the hygiene conditions of ASDA‘s delivery service.

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#2 The National Living Wage & National Minimum Wage explained

Sadiq Kahn announced the new London Living Wage this week, bringing the recommended level of minimum wages in London up to £9.75, with the aim of reaching £10 per hour during his mayoralty.

This is great for workers; but countless businesses have stated they were already struggling with the National Living Wage  or is it the National Minimum Wage? Or are they talking about the real Living Wage?

With the debate reaching the House of Commons and making the news nearly every week with difference publications using different terminology, the Retail Gazettehas taken a look at the issue in order to clarify what‘s what.

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#3 Dominic Chappell accused of ‘bleeding BHS dry’

The businessman who tried to buy BHS before Dominic Chappell has accused him of doing “incredible” damage to the iconic department store chain, according to reports.

The Guardian said Paul Sutton accused serial bankrupt Chappell of changing the BHS team, taking millions of pounds and bleeding the retailer dry.

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#4 Instagram announces groundbreaking feature for retail


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