Friday, August 19, 2022

MPs to debate boxing day closures today

MPs will debate calls for a ban on opening shops on Boxing Day today, following a petition registered with nearly 140,000 signatures.

The debate will commence at 4.30 pm, and will see MPs discuss whether lower paid retail staff are exploited on Boxing Day and whether it deprives workers of family time.

It is not expected that a ban will be granted however, as the Tory party have stated they do not believe government should interfere in how retail outlets are run. It is also unlikely that many retailers will voluntarily shut on December 26, as it remains a popular shopping day for the UK taking £3.74 billion last year.

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It will be led by Labour MP and chair of the Petitions Committee Helen Jones, who said: “I went from feeling quite indifferent about Boxing Day openings to believing it does exploit very low-paid workers, who often have to work late on Christmas Eve to get the shops ready and then have to go in very early on Boxing Day morning.

“What I‘ve not seen is anything to convince me that Boxing Day generates extra trade, as opposed to just moving it from another day.”

In 2014 365,000 people worked on boxing day.

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