Monday, January 27, 2020

Special Feature: The Top 6 Things You Need to Create Emotional Loyalty


Trusted brands often evoke a positive emotional connection with customers, but brands that go further and appeal to customers on an individual basis enjoy more success.

Consumers have transformed and their behaviours are continuing to evolve. It‘s more than just about product features or price, it‘s also about product experience and understanding what the customers do and want on an individual basis. 

In addition, technology should simplify things, not complicate them — whether that‘s engaging with customers, accelerating market time or measuring the effectiveness of different loyalty strategies.

In The Top 6 Things You Need to Create Emotional Loyalty in 2017 report by HTK, insight is provided on how you can stay ahead of the game and stand out from the crowd.

HTK is a specialist in helping businesses make better use of their data to deliver more personalised customer experiences.

Since launching in 1996, HTK have help retailers increase customer retention, grow revenue and boost profit through their unique solutions on brand loyalty and customer experiences.

HTK‘s service provides the deep customer insight you need, plus the right tools to action that insight ‘in the moment‘ across all channels, to engage customers successfully.

The topics covered in HTK‘s new report includes tips on living your brand, how to drive emotional behaviours and convert them into sales, how to evoke strong emotional responses from your customers, how to attain and make use of in-the-moment customer personalisation, the tools needed to measure customer engagement success, and how technology can make all of this work for you.

To help understand customer centricity and enable you to use emotion to drive customer behaviour,  download the report now

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