Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Aldi’s new minimum pay rate now the highest in grocery sector

Aldi has announced it will increase its minimum pay rate for store staff across the UK to £8.53 an hour from February 1.

With staff in London set to get £9.75 per hour, the new rate will make Aldi‘s 3356 staff the highest-paid in the supermarket sector.

The new pay rate exceeds the Living Wage Foundation‘s rate of £8.45, which is independently calculated based on the cost of living and the Government‘s compulsory national living wage of £7.20 for those over 25.

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Aldi‘s pay rate also beats fellow German discount grocery chain Lidl, which will introduce a minumu pay rate of £8.45 per hour and £9.75 in London from March 1.

Chief executive Matthew Barnes said Aldi will “continue to provide employees with rates of pay and benefits that are the highest in the supermarket sector”.

Aldi, which is also in the process of recruiting 4000 permanent extra staff across the UK, will open its 700th store early this year as it continues to march towards its 1000 stores goal by 2022.

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