Amazon Go issued UK trademark igniting launch rumours

Amazon Go

A trademark has been approved by the UK Intellectual Property Office for Amazon‘s new grocery shop slogan.

Amazon Go, the revolutionary new concept grocery store that lets you pay for items automatically as you shop, is edging ever closer to opening in the UK.

On Friday Bloomberg announced that the slogan “No Lines. No Checkout. (No Seriously.)” had been approved in the UK, after being filed on May 11 by Amazon.

Another corresponding trademark is currently being reviewed by the European Union‘s equivalent trademark authority.

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The slogan is used on Amazon Go‘s promotional Youtube video and hints that the retailer‘s arrival in the UK could be closer than expected.

In March the Wall Street Journal released a report which stated the new high-tech system had serious issues, meaning it only worked when less than 20 people were in the store, pushing back the expected role out of the store.

The retailer has been testing its checkout-less store layout in Seattle since early this year, but it has so far only been open to Amazon staff members.

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