Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Amazon Go faces launch delays amid technical trouble

Amazon tax

The cashier-less supermarket from Amazon is likely to delay its launch this month as numerous technical issues have been exposed.

The widely anticipated roll out of Amazon’s foray into the physical grocery market uses sensors to track shoppers‘ items so they can avoid the checkout process all together.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the system struggles to keep track of shoppers if there are more than 20 instore.

The report states that the system only works as intended if there are only a few people in the shop, moving slowly.

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The initiative has also come under fire from privacy groups who are concerned with the supermarket’s need to have shoppers “intensely tracked”.

“Retailers have long been the driver of many privacy invasive technologies,” Privacy International technologist Dr Richard Tynan said.

“Whether it is to better place advertisements or to track shoppers’ movements, understanding intimate details about consumers’ habits by collecting personal data is their goal.

“The new Amazon Go store will take this to a whole new level.”

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