Tesco makes tampons cheaper by paying for “tampon tax”

Tesco tampon tax Waitrose

Tesco has become the  first retailer to implement a five per cent price reduction on tampons, which  covers the cost of the VAT, in a bid to make them more affordable for customers.

After initially committing to doing so a few months ago, the supermarket giant today said it was acting on that promise and will now pay for the so-called “tampon tax” on women’s sanitary products.

The move comes ahead of government proposals to remove the VAT on tampons and will apply to nearly 100 Tesco own-label and branded products in the range.

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Tesco group brand director Michelle McEttrick said the price reduction was essential to make these necessary products more accessible.

“The cost of buying them every month can add up, and for many women and girls it can be a real struggle on top of other essential items,” she said.

“That‘s why – as a little help for our customers – we are reducing the cost of these products by five per cent.”

Tesco’s tampon tax cuts comes a week after it announced it would half the price of its contraceptive pills to bring it closer to how much other European countries pay for them.

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