Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy to spark retail sales boom

royal baby

The Duchess of Cambridge’s announcement that she is pregnant is predicted to spark a baby boom across the UK, and retailers are preparing to cash in.

Kensington Palace confirmed on Monday that Prince Williams and Princess Kate were expecting their third baby, which is due sometime in spring 2018.

Centre for Retail Research director Joshua Bamfield said retailers could expect around £100 million in additional sales in the coming months because of the royal baby craze.

“We would see the main beneficiaries as being: grocers, butchers, cakes, alcohol, pubs and mother and baby wear,” he said.

Retailers are anticipating a surge in sales in baby goods and maternity — especially around the time when the royal baby is due — as well as  an increase in sales of flowers, chocolate and romantic gifts as partners go about wooing their other half in the coming months.

Bamfield added that fashion retailers lucky enough to win a royal endorsement could end up unlocking a treasure chest. Clothes worn by Princess Kate, 35, and particular attention is expected to be drawn on her maternity wear.

“Retailers and manufacturers will be on the ball to ensure that the expected high levels of demand can be satisfied,” Bamfield said.

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