Potential bomb-making components on Amazon “frequently bought together”


Amazon‘s algorithm to suggest similar purchases has been found to offer shoppers bomb-making ingredients when purchasing single chemicals.

According to a Channel 4 News report, shoppers who are searching for chemicals harmless on their own are shown ingredients which could be made to build an explosive device in the “Frequently Bought Together” tab.

Alongside chemicals which could be used to create explosive black powder and thermite, Amazon‘s “Customers Also Bought” section offered ball bearings often used as shrapnel in improvised explosives.

Ignition systems and remote detonators also featured frequently.

Channel 4 News revealed that 45kg of materials needed to create black powder could be readily bought through the retailer, despite the law preventing individuals from being able to mix just 100 grams of the substance for private use.

There have reportedly been various successful prosecutions of individuals buying these items together, despite their purchase being perfectly legal individually.

The retailer told Channel 4 News that it would work closely with law enforcement agencies should they need assistance in any investigations.

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