Tesco pledges to halve food waste by 2030

food waste

Tesco has announced a major initiative to ramp up its sustainability operations, pledging to reduce food waste by 50 per cent by 2030.

Yesterday, Tesco‘s chief executive Dave Lewis revealed a partnership agreement with 24 of its biggest suppliers – estimated to represent around £17 billion of the grocer’s sales – to adopt the Sustainable Development Goal.

Those involved in the agreement have vowed to take steps necessary to reduce food waste in their supply chains and introduce measures to help consumers to reduce waste at home.

The coalition aims to halve food waste by 2030 and will make their food waste data available to the public within 12 months in the UK.

Furthermore, Tesco will now release its food waste data outside of the UK, with operations in the Republic of Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary all offering figures to the public.

“Great progress has been made, but the reality is that we need many more companies, countries or cities committing to halve food waste by 2030, measuring and publishing their data and acting on that insight to tackle food waste,” Lewis said while addressing the crowd at Champions 12.3, a collective of business, government and research leaders dedicated to sustainability.

“I am delighted that many of our major suppliers have taken this important step so we can work in partnership to reduce food waste.”

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