Hands On with Lightspeed Retail


What is it?

Lightspeed is a cloud-based electronic point-of-sale software for retailers that encompasses all aspects of their retail operation.

The software allows users to make sales, track and order inventory, analyse your sales figures and create and manage your ecommerce platform from any device connected to the internet.

It is available on tablets via an app or through a browser accessible from anywhere through any device.

It places an emphasis on ease of use and has largely targeted independent retailers who may not yet be technically adept.

How does it work?

Once the software has been installed on any device in-store, the retailer can start selling.

When the user scans an item’s barcode, the item will appear on the platform alongside a picture, price, stock quantity and tags, allowing the seller to suggest items in the same category.

It allows users to pay for items through both cash and credit card, by linking to an iZettle card machine.

The system then instantly adds the sale to the retailer’s digital records, accessible at the touch of a button.

Sales can also be put on hold, so if a shopper wants to set aside an item for later this can be accommodated for easily.

Lightspeed also allows the retailer to remotely build, control, track and analyse their ecommerce platform.

Everything from page visits to sales can be tracked through the same platform used for in-store purchasing, tracking inventory across a retailers entire multichannel platform.

How well does it work?

The software is simplistic and intuitive, allowing any user to get to grips with the technology without a lengthy learning curve that could severely hinder a business opening its doors for the first time.

The fact that it can be accessed remotely through any device means that if a retailer’s main till is compromised, it is no problem to continue trading.

It also allows shop staff to spend more time with customers, meaning they are not shackled to their till.

They can also check stock levels and put aside items immediately, making it much easier for staff to encourage customers into a sale.

From an employer’s perspective it also allows them to clearly and easily monitor their staff, with detailed displays for every staff member readily available, even from the comfort of their home.

The analytics tools also reveal what items are selling well, and integration with Google analytics make it tracking ecommerce performance accessible and cost effective.

Should I try it?

If you are opening a business for the first time and are a little intimidated by a complex electronic payment system then Lightspeed is tailored for your needs.

However even the tech savvy who require more control over their incoming and outgoing finances, or are in search of a more efficient stock management platform will benefit from the service.

Any retailers looking for a simple, modern system that will take care of close to every need they’ll come across in day to day retail operations should give Lightspeed a try.

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